Tuesday, August 7, 2007

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Lately I have been very amused with the google searches which have landed people on my blog. I've been contemplating a blog on this for quite a while, but when I saw, this one, "arbys where's the beef" I decided it was time to finish that blog! Then I saw this one, "arbys roast beef pregnant," which I believe landed on my blog due to a comment from the original arbys post. Thanks for the inadvertent blog traffic qtpies7! :)

Of course my blog gets several hits looking for things such as "Target and any form of Target and coupon, Kandoo coupons, Pampers Coupons," "printable $5 target pampers," and "CVS ECB." If you are here looking for those things, click on the links or check out my button on the side for Vickys Deals and go get you some deals! :)

I have also become an expert in oil changes. HA! HA! I have received plenty of hits on the blog for "how to change oil." Sorry folks, you're at the wrong place if you are looking for that. But if you are looking for "chevron oil change coupon," or "valvoline oil change" I might know a little bit of something about that!

And to the person who asked "what rodents like chocolate?" I have an answer, the one that was in my kitchen! Apparently the person who was looking for "sonic rodent" was either looking for one of these or this little guy.

If you want a "clock that shows the innerworkings" here's one for you, but beware, toddlers are not fans of said clock!

If you want to calm down the toddler, especially during nap time, then a "crib aquarium" is for you.

Or if you need a break from the toddler and you live in Lexington, KY and are looking for "dinner and movie in Lexington, KY" you have most definitely visited my blog. I think I might contact them to get a portion of their proceeds since I have apparently recommended them to nearly every person in Lexington!

If you ever want to know the mystery of "Supposedly or Supposebly" your guess is as good as mine! I'm not much help, but thanks for visiting!

But if you want to hear a funny song or two, perhaps a "funny iowa song" or "funny nascar songs" you have found the right place!

This post, caught some rather random searches, "pedicure song," "classic country blog," and "pedicure ticklish."

If you are still with me after all this linkage, here are a few more fun ones!

baby shower envelope games

west virginia pepperoni roll recipe, well, it's mine anyway!

I need to brush my teeth

1 year birthday cupcake

Jake and Gigi
(which in actuality is a jewelry website).


Guinevere Meadow said...


On a previous incarnation of my blog, I had a post entitled "Forbidden Pleasures" in which I discussed things like dark chocolate and coffee, which I wasn't supposed to have because I was pregnant. Can you imagine what kind of google searches found my blog? Ha!

Qtpies7 said...

LOL so glad my nasty Arby's experience got you a hit on your blog! I love the weird searches that hit my blog. Some are way too freaky to blog about, though. thats why I spell p00p and b00bs with zeros.