Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Perty by Thirty Weeks 50 and 51

Ok, I deliberately skipped posting last week for week 50. Mostly because I was ashamed. I had been tempted by the Christmas yummies and I ate, ate, and ate some more! I even skipped going to Weight Watchers for the FIRST TIME because I knew I had gained weight.

This week I sucked it up and went to face the music. I knew it would be bad because skipping last week did nothing to help my motivation. Nothing at all.

Luckily, my gain was not as bad as I anticipated. I mean, I didn't eat an entire cheeseball like I did at Thanksgiving, but I did eat numerous (like closing in on the hundreds) sugary snacks. Even though I begged all my family not to give me ANY Christmas candy and they all followed those strict orders perfectly, I do still have a kid. And he had no idea that he even got those 15 Butterfinger chocolate bells and he will never know because I ate them all. Every last one of them. I even dug back in the candy bowl looking for more. There were none and the Crunch version has NOTHING on the Butterfinger ones!

All that eating, and skipping a weigh-in, cost me 3.4 pounds.

I do have to admit I am a bit ashamed that it dropped me back under the 100 pound mark. The mark I was so thrilled to meet two weeks ago. The mark that led me to be featured in this article that was published in today's local newspaper.

Yikes! Hopefully I can lose that 3.4 pounds this week (as long as my New Year's Eve celebrations don't sabotage me!) and return to the victorious 100 pound club.

I'll be sure to update next week, good or bad, since it will be the 1 year mark. This is all a journey one pound (up or down) at a time.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week 49

100.8! 100.8! 100.8! 100.8! 100.8!

That is my total weight loss so far!

Let's just let that sink in for a few minutes.

In 50 weeks I have lost more than 100 pounds.

It is hard for me to believe that on January 5, 2009 when I walked into Weight Watchers for my first meeting I was 100.8 pounds heavier.

It is hard for me to understand why I waited so long to do this. It is so simple (sometimes!).

I was not able to stay for my WW meeting this week due to prior commitments, but I am going to be celebrating with them next week (as long as I don't gain a pound and no longer be able to wear the title of 100 pounds lost!).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Perty by Thirty Weeks 47 and 48

I did not intend to forego last week's update, but the week quickly got away from me and here we are today.

Last week I gained .8 pound. I knew it would happen as I ate most of the weekend before the weigh-in. I mean, I ate an entire cheeseball over the course of 3 days. Now, in the past I would have eaten the cheeseball in one sitting, at least I split it up this time, but still, an ENTIRE cheeseball? Seriously? So I was actually pleasantly surprised to see only a .8 pound gain. I expected much worse.

I really worked hard last week to follow my points. I counted every bite that went into my mouth until Friday. Friday was our 5 year anniversary and it is hard to count points for a burger and fries from Steak and Shake (our romantic lunch date!); however, I was very busy all weekend putting up Christmas decorations and shopping and making yummy treats (all to give away to others!). I did sample my creations, but did not overdo it. All of that paid off and I lost 4.4 pounds!

I was very surprised by the large number. I didn't expect such a big loss, but I am thrilled. This brings me up to a total loss of 99 pounds! I am extremely motivated to reach the 100 pound goal next week! Let's hope I can keep the motivation around through the week!