Monday, August 27, 2007

When in doubt, posting about your kid works!

My brain is still spinning with work crud. I am so completely overwhelmed I'm not sure I'm gonna make it. Ok, I'll make it, I always do, but it still is not fun!

Since I am not able to think of anything else, here's a quick adorable story about my adorable little red headed toddler! I love him! Enjoy...and feel free to comment on just how adorable he is, I don't mind!

Last night, we had a Back to School meal at church, complete with a Mexican food menu, yum! After the meal the adults held a prayer circle around the kids to pray for the school year. In order to do this, all the kids had to stand in the middle of the circle while the adults stood around them forming a circle.

I let Jake stand at my feet, hoping he would stand still for the few minutes it took for the prayer circle. I'm not sure I know what I was thinking...there is not many a toddler who will stand still for even 10 seconds, let alone 4 minutes.

Practically immediately after the prayer circle began, Jake decided to take a walk outside the circle. I was fine with that and I watched him out of the corner of my semi-closed eyes. My nephew (who is 10 months older than Jake) decided he did not like this and left the prayer circle, yelling, "STOP JAKE!"

This is when I left the prayer circle to separate the two and direct them back into the circle. Jake was fine with this and decided to walk around the inside of the circle. I was fine with this, after all, I was able to better keep an eye on him this way.

Near the end of the prayer time Jake rounds the circle, spots me and yells, "HI MOMMY!"

Aw, I couldn't have been prouder!


Jessie said...

How cute he is!!
I am sorry that you are so innundated with work and that it is wearing you out. I hate that. I hope that it is all over for you soon.
Love ya

Ang said...

Too cute :) Kids are so spontanious, and I am loving that (for the most part)! Hope that this week gets better at work, and that you can take some time just for you, atleast for a few minutes!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Awww! How adorable!!!!