Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lucas!

Dear Lucas,
It is January 11, 2013 and today you turn two years old. The minute you took your first breath, you have changed our lives. The loud scream you made filled the room as you made your presence known. From that second forward you have continued to make sure everyone knows you are in the room.
You have the friendliest personality and you own every room you enter. You carry yourself with such confidence I know that you will do anything you put your mind to. I love how you seem to be the “Norm” (Cheers reference) of your daycare. As soon as you enter the room a chorus of “Lucas!” sounds from the teachers. You are proud to show off the toy you snuck in or the character on your shirt that day. You greet the other children with “Mornin’ Kids” and you make sure to tell everyone “Bye!” before leaving every day.
You are a true leader as you boss us around all the time at home. I can’t speak to your brother without you repeating me, “No, Kakob, No!” or “Kakob down‘tares (Jacob, downstairs).” You even tell me to go upstairs when you are ready to go to bed or take a “bub bate (bubble bath).”
Perhaps my favorite cuteness you exhibit is when you do “roll call” as you announce everyone in the room. You also like to talk about your friends at daycare and list all their names, always beginning with the girls’ names. You are quite the ladies’ man.
I find your desire to help so endearing. You like to help with the laundry by pulling everything out of the dryer. You will clean up your toys, but we know you are still just a two year old as you enjoy dumping all the toys as well. You love to be praised and feel like you are helping. You will hand Jacob his toys even if he doesn’t want them and hand out tissues to everyone in the room. You want everyone to be happy and worry if someone appears not to be.
You like to give hugs and be tickled, but you still are not a cuddler. You are too busy to be bothered with snuggles. I hope I never forget the sound of your sweet voice yelling for “Momma.”
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is definitely your favorite TV show and toys to play with. We all have the theme song stuck in our heads most every day. You will carry around your Mickey Mouse toys and make sure we tell you their names. You enjoy Elmo as well, but Mickey has surpassed the Sesame Street gang, hence the theme for your birthday party being Mickey Mouse and friends!
I pray you will always be as happy and joyful as you are at two years old. I hope your compassion and caring nature will never be suppressed. I desire to be the mother you need to help you grow into the great leader and man I know you will be one day. Your future is so bright; I can’t wait to see what is to come for you.
We love you to the moon and back, Little Man. Happy Birthday!
Mommy, Daddy and Jacob