Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mash Up-alloza, Week 10

Jackson 5 and Guns N Roses. What? They don't fit? Just wait and see!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway -- $10 CVS gift card

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Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

The time has come again for Bloggy Giveaways and I am so excited to be offering a $10 CVS gift card to one lucky winner. If you are not familiar with the great savings you can get at CVS, check out this purchase or this one or even this one that I have been able to get in recent months. A $10 CVS gift card can go a long way. If you are a newbie, be sure to also check out CVS 101.

I will also be adding some general manufacturer coupons with the gift card, just for kicks.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. It's that simple. Only one entry per person though and no cheating!

I will close the giveaway on Friday, August 1st at 3p.m. EST and will draw and post the winner then.

Good Luck and be sure to check out the rest of the giveaways over at Bloggy Giveaways!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What is better than an inflatable water slide? Nothing!

Today our church had "Water Day," three hours of fun with inflatable water slides, kiddie pools and a dunk tank.

We took Hoss and my nephew, H.

While he was playing I overheard H. say "Today is the greatest day of my life, isn't it?" to another kid. I believe he indeed did have the time of his life today!

I would venture to say Hoss also had fun.

(When Hoss is not wearing his glasses he looks just like Daddy, except for the hair color).

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Summer Treat

The Golden Arches have been good to me this summer.

Historically, anytime I have wanted a hot fudge sundae from the famous Mickey D's the ice cream machine has not been working.

It hasn't happened just once. Oh no! It has happened time and time again.

However, this summer I have had great success in acquiring my favorite ice cream snack. So far this summer the ice cream machine has worked at every Mickey D's I have gone to and ordered a delicious hot fudge sundae.

I also learned that for a mere 30 cents they will put extra hot fudge on the sundae.

Did you see that? EXTRA HOT FUDGE!

It's been a good summer. A very good one!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mash Up-alloza, Week 9

Warning, this one has Queen, Joan Jett and Weezer. But it's soooo good!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Georgia on my mind

Today we welcomed a new addition to our family.

Meet Georgia Grayce, my newest niece.

She is so tiny. Much tinier than the beast child I had.

I've already spoiled her to death and trust me, she will be the cutest dressed little girl on the block if Aunt Jessica has anything to say about it!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mash Up-alloza, Week 8

Alright, the truth comes out...I like Hip Hop!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The week of July 7, 2008

Wow! This past week has been very busy. So busy that blogging was not in the forefront of my mind. But here I am now!

Last Monday I worked a 16 hour day at work. I was exhausted and sleepy time Jessica was starting to rear her sleepy head at the end of the shift, but I made it through and no one got hurt!

Tuesday was spent recovering from Monday which I desperate needed.

Wednesday I turned 28. Festivities ensued for the occasion and Hubby and I made a trip to Olive Garden for a delicious dinner.

Thursday I celebrated my birthday with the in-laws and packed and organized yard sale items for the weekend.

Friday Hoss and I headed to my parents' home. My mom and several family members were hosting a yard sale and I had some items to sell. I put out some of my stockpile items and I had a great response. I will definitely do that again!

Saturday the yard sale woke me at 6:30 a.m. and we all ran around for hours. After the yard sale success, with some pursuading from my mom and the 90+ degree heat, I decided to take my car to get my air conditioner serviced. I had been without A/C all summer and I am so glad that now it is fully repaired. At least it has worked for an entire day. I have great faith that it is fully repaired. Saturday also included glasses adjustment for Hoss (which was desperately needed!), dinner at Chick-fil-a and a run to Target for some deals!

Today was possibly the slowest I've had in the past week. We went to church, out to lunch, played at the playground with Gigi, then Hoss and I returned home. Since being at home we unpacked, cooked and ate dinner, bathed (Hoss did, with my assistance) and now I'm catching up with my blogging!

I'm tired!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's a Zoo!

This past week we visited the local zoo with Hoss and my neice and nephew. My neice and nephew were hanging out with my parents for the week so we quickly invited them along on our zoo trip. I'm glad we did! We had a blast.

The day was a bit overcast and it sprinkled a little, but that kept the hot sun from causing the day to be too hot.

We got to see lots of cool animals, including the giraffes which Hoss kept telling me he was going to see at the zoo. Here is Hoss and I with the giraffes.

We also rode the train around the zoo, which was a hit with Hoss.

Here are all 3 kiddos waiting for the train. I wish the light behind them didn't cause such a problem in this picture.

And here is Hoss riding the train. Yes, I agree, he is the cutest kid in the entire world!

We may just have to take another trip sometime soon. As soon as my feet stop aching from all the walking.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Super Savings Saturday -- CVS self-control

I have been practicing some serious self-control lately by not buying every single deal at CVS. It’s been difficult, but I have been limiting myself to only what we actually need. It seems simple, but it hasn’t been.

Ok, so I only did this for this past week, but I plan to do it in the future as well so I am not buying things that we just don’t need.

This week I purchased the following items for $4.32 out of pocket.

(This is where I would insert a picture of my purchases, that is if I had the cord to my camera here at my parents' house. When I get home I will add it. Until then just imagine a picture of some Diet Mt. Dew, Diet Pepsi, deoderant and sunscreen. And a second picture of pantyliners and face wipes. On second thought, I might not post a picture at all.)

I did this in 2 separate purchases.

The first was the 4 Pepsi products which totaled $12.00. I used $10.99 in ECBs and paid $1.07 out of pocket. I earned $3 ECBs for this and my $10 for a survey I did for the CVS Advisory Board printed as well totaling $13 in ECBs.

I used these $13 in ECBs to purchase the Banana Boat sunscreen at $9.99 and the Right Guard Professional deodorant at $6.99.
This purchase totaled $16.98. I used the $13 in ECBs to make it $3.98 and I also used $1 Right Guard manufacturer coupon and a $1 Banana Boat coupon making my total before tax, $1.98 after tax I paid $2.22 out of pocket. I also earned $7 in ECBs for next week.

I could not fight the impulse to head back in on July 2nd to get a few monthly deals. I purchased 2 CVS pantyliners and one CVS facial wipes.
This purchase totaled $4.97. I used $2 CVS coupon off CVS brand skin product as well as $2 in ECBs. I paid $1.03 out of pocket and earned $4.97 in ECBs plus my $2 Spring quarter earnings.

You can’t beat getting paid to shop, and that is what happened this week! Check out Super Savings Saturday for more great deals. (I just realized that Super Savings Saturday is not being hosted this week, but I am going to keep this post up despite that. Check back next Saturday and see mroe great deals!)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mash Up-alloza, Week 6

Let this one play for a few minutes. It will get good, I promise!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday -- Pepperoni Rolls

Today's Works for Me Wednesday is 5 Ingredients or Less Recipes. I posted this favorite over a year ago and here it is again! Enjoy! And don't forget to check out more great recipes at Shannon's!

From February 21, 2007
Today's! I love to eat...which is obvious to those who know me....but I don't always like to slave over a hot stove for hours on end (and other times I don't mind it at all). Well here is a quick and easy recipe to enjoy.
If you like pepperoni pizza you will LOVE these pepperoni rolls. When I lived in West Virginia these were very popular and I just assumed everyone new about pepperoni rolls, but I was wrong. Now my homemade pepperoni rolls are not the best I have ever had, but they have fed many a group of friends or just me and my husband.
Ingredients: 2 packages of pepperoni (or 1 if you want to make less)
a 4-pack of biscuits in a can (I use the brown Pillsbury kind, dont get the big fluffy kind, get the small biscuits)
a bag of Mozzerella cheese
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Take one biscuit and flatten it out, put a bit of mozzerella cheese on top (I do a pinch and judge from there), then 2-3 pepperoni slices. Then roll up the biscuit into a crescent roll kind of shape, place it on a cookie sheet. If you use all 4 cans of biscuits, this will make about 40 pepperoni rolls. Cook these for about 12-15 minutes. When the bottoms turn brown they are done. Enjoy!