Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good Morning!

Why is it that my son is a bear to wake up on weekdays, but come Saturday morning he is awake at 6a.m. banging his toy drum, waking up everyone?

That drum has to go!

Super Savings Saturday: CVS again!

It's that time again. The weekly CVS post. For those who are following my CVS savings, I am planning a post this coming Tuesday, June 3rd titled "How to CVS." Come back then for the Jessica version of the instruction manual as well as several links to other great CVS 101 tips.

This week I again have not done as well as I would have liked at CVS; however, I did purchase $63.83 of items for only $16.38, earning $33.36 in ECBs.

Technically I was paid to shop. It doesn't get ANY better than that!

Unfortunately I don't have pictures this week. I'll try to be sure I have pictures next week.

Purchase #1:
* 3 Revlon nail polishes -- $11.97
* 1 French's mustard -- 66 cents
* 2 Kraft BBQ sauce -- $1.32
* 2 Sierra Mist -- $1.59 (BOGO)
Total -- $15.54
$2 off Revlon -- $13.54
Free French's mustard -- $12.88
$3/$15 CVS coupon -- $9.88
$6 in ECBs -- $3.88
Tax .27 -- $4.15 out of pocket

Purchase #2:
* 2 Tide -- $11.98
* 1 CVS Loratadine 5 ct -- $3.79
Total -- $15.77
Coupons --
* 2 35cents off Tide -- $15.07
* $3/$15 CVS coupon -- $12.07
* $9 in ECBs -- $3.07
Tax .23 -- $3.30 out of pocket
EARNED $7.79 in ECBs

Purchase #3:
* Crest Prohealth toothpaste -- $2.99
* Colgate 360 toothbrush -- $3.99
* Olay Body wash (on clearance) $2.50
* Johnsons Softwash -- $5.99
* newspaper -- .50
Total -- $15.97
Coupons used:
* $3/$15 CVS-- $12.97
* $1 off Crest toothpaste -- $11.97
* $2 CVS coupon when purchase Olay body wash -- $9.97
* $7.79 in ECBs -- $2.18
Tax .19 -- $2.37 out of pocket
Earned $6.99 in ECBs

4th purchase:
* 2 CVS Loratadine 5ct -- $7.58
* 2 Crest toothpastes -- $5.98
* Oral B toothbrush -- $2.99
Total -- $16.55
Coupons used:
* $3/$15 CVS -- $13.55
* $6.99 in ECBs -- $6.56 out of pocket
Earned $9.58 in ECBs

To check out more CVS deals visit Money Saving Mom!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mash Up-alloza, Week 1

You may have noticed that Infomercial Extravaganza has not been up and running for a couple weeks. This is mostly because I haven't been able to find any great new infomercials to post lately. However, never fear, I have found a new Thursday extravaganza to host!

My husband, the music guru, has discovered Mash Ups which are the combination of two very different songs into one song. I am not a music guru, but I LOVE Mash Ups! So, beginning today we will begin Mash Up-alloza!

For the first week, is one of my favorite mash ups, Kelly Clarkson and Green Day. I think you'll love it too!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday -- Pharmacy hopping

I'm a bargain hunting girl. I love to find a way to save some money. Recently I have been able to get free money at several different stores of which I am a regular. And all I had to do was transfer prescriptions.

My husband and I have two $4 prescriptions which we had at the Wal-Mart pharmacy. Recently, I got a coupon in our Sunday paper to earn $20 in groceries by transferring a prescription to Kroger. The best party is that Kroger is now running a similar promotion for $4 prescriptions. I confirmed that transfering this type of prescription would work for the $20 incentive and sure enough, it did qualify. So, of course, I quickly ran to Kroger and transferred one of our prescriptions. They loaded the $20 incentive on my Kroger card (you must have a Kroger shopping card to get this reward) and off I wentn to shop. When I checked out it asked the cashier if I wanted to use my $20 incentive and of course I did, so I got, quite literally $20 in FREE groceries all for filling my $4 prescription at their store. I am hoping to get another coupon soon so I can transfer the other prescription.

This was not the first time I pharmacy hopped. When Hoss was on a prescription allergy medication (unfortunately, not on the $4 prescription list) I transfered his prescription between pharmacies every month. I was able to get gift cards to CVS (yippee!), Rite-Aid, K-Mart, and Kroger during that time. We had to get the medicine every month, so getting a gift card to do it sure was nice.

I was a little apprehensive when I first started doing this, just because I was afraid the process would be diffiult, but I found it is not difficult at all. Typically all I had to do was call the new pharmacy and tell them I wanted to transfer a prescription from another pharmacy, give them that information and they took care of the rest. I would show up with my coupon for a gift card in hand and walk away with a new gift card and the medication. Very few questions asked.

Pharmacy hopping works for me. For other Works for Me Wednesday ideas visit Shannon!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pray for Nick!

Please pray for Nick. He has had some complications from last week's surgery to remove his brain tumor. He is currently in route back to the hospital after having a possible seizure.

His mom posted and will update here.

Change of plans

I hoped to have cute pictures of Hoss at a baseball game to post tonight; however, I don't have any pictures. We didn't go to the game. All because of too much planning. Last night I saw that it was supposed to rain today so we decided to play it by ear and see what we thought when the time for the baseball game approached. We decided the gray skies and humid air was a sure sign that it would rain.

Of course it did not rain and still hasn't, except for a few sprinkles. That's what we get for planning too much. It is probably for the best though because poor Hoss is having a horrible time with his seasonal allergies right now. His eyes and nose are running and he is a bit of a grump because of all of it.

Despite his allergies we did get Hoss' pictures made this morning, which is quite an accomplishment considering the last time we tried to get pictures made we had to leave before getting any done because he was throwing such a horrible fit.

He was very cooperative and we got a couple pictures which speak volumes of his adorable personality.

Since we canceled our baseball game plans we let Hoss play at the play area at the mall. I did get one picture of him playing.

Yeah, not quite the type of picture I wanted to post today.

Oh well, I was able to get 6 loads of laundry done, rent, watch and return a Redbox movie, AND do the majority of my weekly shopping. Can't complain about that.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another week of CVS deals

I did not do as well as I hoped this week at CVS. I was thrown for a loop when 2 stores were completely out of Coke 12 packs. I knew I should have gone Saturday evening and stocked up. I’m just too chicken to try both weeks’ sales at the same time. But I found the Coke, at the 3rd store. Hoss went with me to the first two stores. He loves CVS. Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church he said, “I go CBS?” I told him we would go that afternoon and I had to keep my promise.

So, here are my purchases. Sorry for the horrible pictures. I didn’t realize until after I took the pictures and downloaded them that there was a nice smudge on the lens from some 2 year old’s fingers.

Purchase #1:
2 Almay eye shadows – $13.98
1 Oral B Indicator toothbrush -- $1.99
Total -- $15.97
$3/$15 coupon -- $12.97
2 $1 Almay coupons -- $10.97
75cent Oral B coupon -- $10.22
$9 in ECBs -- $1.22
Tax - .24 -- $1.46 TOTAL OUT OF POCKET

Purchase #2 (This was my disappointing purchase I wish I could have done better):
2 Right Guard deodorants -- $6
2 Head and Shoulders 23.7oz -- $11.98
1 Colgate 360 toothbrush -- $3.99
1 Oral B toothbrush $1.99
Total -- $23.96
$3/$15 -- $20.96
$3 Head and Shoulders -- $17.96
75 cents Oral B coupon -- $17.21
75 cents off Right Guard -- $16.46
$11 in ECBs -- $5.46
Tax 60 cents -- $6.06 out of pocket
Earned $8.99 in ECBs

Purchase #3 –
4 Coke 12 packs -- $12
2 Crest Toothpaste 6.4oz -- $3.98
1 Crest Toothpaste 8.2oz -- $2.99 (I bought the wrong one, but I returned it)
Total -- $18.97
$3/$15 -- $15.97
Free Coke 12 pack coupon ($3) -- $12.97
50 cent off 1 Crest -- $12.47
$1 off 2 Crest -- $11.47
$8.99 in ECBs -- $2.48
Tax 42 cents -- $2.90 out of pocket
Earned $5 in ECBs

Check out more Super Savings Saturday deals at Money Saving Mom.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday -- Kid Cups

Occasionally I will plan ahead and in this case I did. When we go out to eat and order a kid's meal or kid's drink I keep the plastic cup. Several restaurants provide these and we have used them for our son instead of purchasing other cups when he began to drink out of "Big Boy" cups. For example, we have cups from Zaxbys, Fazolis, Sonnys plus others.

We started this before we moved from a sippy cup to big boy cups and by the time we were ready for that accomplishment we had quite a nice supply.

Getting cups from restaurants Works for Me. For more Works for Me Wednesday items visit Shannon.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Look at what I got!

I recently won a giveaway from Bloggy Giveaways for a $20 gift certificate to peasandcarrots.

I immediately knew I wanted to use this to purchase a new purse. So I picked out the fabric and style and Jessica made me a beautiful new purse. Saturday I received said purse and was very excited!

I would have taken a picture of the inside, but I had already put the 862 items from my other purse into this one. Just take my word for it, the inside is as awesome as the outside.

So the next time you need a new purse, go visit Jessica at peasandcarrots. If you don't you will be missing out!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Restocking the Baby Supplies

If you have a Kroger (or affiliate) near you who is currently honoring the Huggies $4 off $20 purchase this week then get out your coupons and get thee to Kroger.

I purchased 7 Huggies' Bodywash for the grand total of $6.43 (before tax).

These were each $2.99 each = $20.93
$4 was automatically taken off for purchasing $20 in Huggies items= $16.93
I used 7 -- $1.50 off Huggies' body wash= $6.43

We are stocked up for a long time now!

Last week I took advantage of this deal by purchasing 2 Huggies' Pull-ups at $9.49/ea = $18.98 plus one package of Huggies wipes = $2.50 = $21.48
$4 Huggies deal = $17.48
2 $2 Pull Ups coupons = $13.48
.50 cent Huggies wipes (doubled to $1) = $12.48
$2 Shortcuts coupon = $10.48

Great deals my friends! You can do it too!

One deal I wish I had enough coupons for would be to purchase 8 Huggies wipes at $2.50/ea. = $20
$4 off $20 = $16
8 50cents wipes coupons (double to $1) = $8

I don't need wipes right now, plus I just purchased 4 packs of CleanTeam wipes for a grand total of 56 CENTS at WalMart! You can do it too, you can get details about this deal here. I found the wipes in the personal care section, not the baby section.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Super Savings Saturday -- CVS and Kroger!

I stocked up at CVS this week. I have slacked off on my CVS shopping in the past few weeks, but this week, I’M BAAAACCCKKK!!!

I completed 3 different purchases this week. I even took a co-worker with me for one purchase and I believe I have a CVS convert on my hands!
Here are my first 2 purchases this week.

1st purchase:
• 2 Crest ProHealth 1.5L mouthwash -- $11.98
• 1 Oral B Pulsar toothbrush -- $4.99
• 1 Crest ProHealth 7.8oz toothpaste -- $3.99
• 1 Adidas A3 deoderant $4.99
Total: $25.95
I used the following coupons:
* 75 cents off Crest ProHealth mouthwash
* $1 off Oral B Pulsar
* $3 off Crest ProHealth mouthwash and toothpaste
* Free Adidas deodorant ($4.99)
* CVS $3 off $15 purchase
* 12 ECBs
Total after coupons and tax: $1.87
EARNED $14.99 IN ECBs!!!

2nd purchase:
• 3 Aquafresh Xtreme Clean toothpaste 5.6oz -- $8.97
• Schick Intuition Plus Razor -- $9.99
• 1 Colgate Total Advance 5.8 oz -- $2.99
• 4 Reese cups -- $2
• 1 Kit Kat – 50cents
• 2 Hershey candy bars -- $1
Total: $25.45
I used the following coupons:
* 2 $1 off Aquafresh toothpaste
* $4 off Schick Intuition razor
* $1.50 off Colgate total
* CVS $3 off $15
* $14.95 in ECBS (adjusted down 4 cents from last purchase)
I was required to pay 42 cents in tax.
EARNED $14.97 in ECBs!

3rd purchase:
• 1 Kit Kat 50 cents
• 2 Reese’s cookies -- $4
• 12oz Hershey Kisses -- $2
• 3 Softsoap 12oz body washes -- $13.47
Total = $19.97
Coupons used:
$3 off $15 CVS coupon -- $16.97
$1 off Softsoap body wash -- $15.97
$14.97 in ECBs
Received $9 in ECBs!

Then I ventured to Kroger where I transferred a $4 generic prescription to the Kroger pharmacy and received a $20 RX reward, which I had a coupon for from the newspaper a few weeks ago. We needed to stock up on Pull-ups. My supply had dwindled as I hoped to have potty training done with, but Hoss had other ideas! I took advantage of the Huggies’ deal this week at Kroger, when you purchase $20 in Huggies items you receive $4 off your purchase. This allowed me to get 2 packages of Huggies Pull-ups and a Huggies’ wipe for $10.48.

With these promotions I purchased the following items for $14.11 (sorry, no picture, I had a couple hungry men wanting dinner when we were done shopping):
4 Kroger ½ gallon milks -- $5
Tyson Chicken Breast -- $3.76
3 Bounty Basic paper towels -- $3
2 Pull-ups -- $18.98
1 Huggies wipes -- $2.50
3 Pringles -- $3
Betty Crocker Brownie mix -- $1
Sunmaid Raisin -- $1.69
2 Little Debbie Snacks -- $2
A1 Steak Sauce -- $2.99
2 Kroger Bread -- $2
Potatoes -- $3.29
5 Refuse Bags -- $3.79
Total: $53
$20 RX rewards = $33
Huggies Promotion = $29
Huggies Shortcuts $2 coupon = $27
2 Huggies $2 off Pullups = $23
50cents off Huggies Wipes (doubled to $1) = $22
Local coupon for free refuse bags, $3.79 = $18.21
30 cents off 3 Pringles (60 cents) = $17.61
3 25 cents off Bounty paper towels ($1.50) =$16.11
$1 off A1 Steak Sauce = $15.11
$1 off Tyson Chicken Breast =$14.11
19 cent tax, TOTAL = $14.11
I saved 78%, $52.34 (including Kroger sales).
If you include the $4 prescription, total = $18.11

For more great savings check out Money Saving Mom!

Nick needs us again

I have asked you all before to pray for 12 year old Nick, most recently in January. I'm asking again.

Nick was just diagnosed with his fifth brain tumor last week. He will be undergoing his 6th surgery (he also had one tumor on his spine) this coming Wednesday.

Please pray for Nick and his family.

Nick will turn 13 Thursday while recovering from his surgery.

Also, visit his mom's, Tammy, blog. Her strength is amazing and only comes from God.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Crash, from my point of view

The 20th anniversary was yesterday. But it was not a time of celebration. It's a time of mourning, again.

20 years ago I was living between two small towns in Kentucky. I was 7, almost 8. I was too young to completely understand the impact it had on people in my small intimate community. But I do have specific memories.

My dad, the news editor of the local newspaper, was called after midnight to return to work. He speaks little of the coverage and the reporting of this tragedy (at least to me), but I know it impacted him. He still has the newspaper from that day and ones following.

I remember months after the tragedy riding my school bus with a survivor day after day. I remember seeing other survivors on the steps of the middle school we passed. There was no missing them. They were scarred, healing, and their eyes told such stories.

I remember watching the news coverage of the trial of the drunk driver. I was only 8 when he stood trial, but I vividly remember sitting beside my aunts as the court scenes were broadcast on the television in my grandparents' home.

I remember passing the memorial day after day sometimes seeing people there remembering the ones who passed away.

Even though my memories are hazy and the impact was minor on my life, I still remember. But today I pray. I pray for each family impacted in major ways. I pray for the friends of the victims. Most of all I pray for the survivors who continue to remember that night.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday -- Cheerios Mix

I have a new favorite snack. It is so addictive. I am craving some right now. I can't keep any in my house because I will eat it all in one sitting.

What is this new drug of mine?

Cheerios Snack Mix.

I personally like the original flavor the best, but it also comes in Cheddar which is also good. I will only buy it when it is on sale and I have coupons (which I collect from any person I know who doesn't want their's). Unfortunately my pantry is without Cheerios Snack Mix right now, but I am hoping for a sale soon. Maybe next week?

Hey Cheerios -- we need a sale. Oh, and you can ship me a case if you wouldn't mind.

This is NOT an advertisement. It is my personal opinion on a GREAT snack!

So run, don't walk, to your local grocery and pick up some Cheerios Snack Mix!!!

For more Works for Me Wednesday lists go visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Come on over...

Did you know I'm famous?

Ok, not really, but my blog was published in our local newspaper. I write a blog twice weekly at and a few weeks ago they published one chosen post from each of us in a special Mother's Day section in the local newspaper.

So, if you would like, go check it out here. Mine is titled, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

And visit me over there every Monday and Wednesday.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cars and I are not that friendly

We need to have a conversation about my car.

You see, it's a mess. A complete and total mess.

The car (which is nameless) is only 4 years old, but I have not been the best caregiver so she's a bit of a mess.

You see, the car has a few scratches. One on the rear bumper which happened when I backed into a brick wall. It's amazing how those things just jump out at ya.

It also has a few random dents which I truly have no idea how those happened. Seriously. One looks like it might have been caused by a ball or something hitting the lower part of the door. The other dents, well, those are mysteries.

However, the worst part is my taped on passenger side mirror. It's embarassing, but what can you do? Spending $200 on that seems a bit ridiculous when the air conditioner in this car (which is not paid off) is not working and needs repair, that scares me.

Oh, wait. Time out. Let me tell you the story of the broken mirror. In January our neighbors across the street moved out. When they did they left a lot of trash so on trash collection day a lot of items were broken, in the middle of the road, in front of my house, leaving lots of glass in the road. In an attempt to go around the broken glass I misjudged and hit the trash can with the mirror.

No, this did not knock the mirror off, but it did knock it loose. A month or so later I came out on a very cold and icy day and noticed the mirror was off. I assumed that the ice and snow had caused the mirror to completely break off. But we know what assuming does, at least what it does for my husband. Yes, my husband, the man who admitted a month after the mirror fell off that he slipped on ice and grabbed the mirror to steady himself and pulled the mirror off.

Well, needless to say the mirror is still not attached. We purchased a few different types of automobile glue, but none have worked so now it is taped on, barely. Before the "repair" the mirror caused some beautiful scratches on the passenger side door.

Yes, I drive that car, you know, the ghetto-mobile.

Last week it officially became the ghetto-mobile when I went to get in my car and I noticed a magnet above the door handle. It was for a dent and scratch place. I guess my car is a prime candidate for some dent and scratch fixing.

I haven't called them yet, but I might, just to tell them their marketing is awesome! I just wish I thought of it. I may make them a magnet and put it on the door to their shop which says, "Poor mom needs scratch and dent help, call me."

Friday, May 9, 2008

It was a mommy day

My dad has told me before that you don't always have to tell everything you know. What he was telling me was, if you make a mistake, you don't have to always point it out to everyone. Yeah, well, when you have a blog and things like this happen, how can you NOT point it out?

I mean, honestly, when you wear these shoes to work (accidentally) how could you NOT post about it?

Come on, if you can't laugh at yourself then what good are ya? And, my theory is, if you are laughing, it's no fun to laugh alone. Feel free to laugh with me!

And just for the record, I wore these shoes on a "casual" Friday. I do dress a little better on a regular basis.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Infomercial Extravaganza Week 12

What are the Top 10 Infomercials?

Check this out and you will see!

I really wish the Slender Shaper was still on the market!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Trees, dead flowers, and sticks

My dear Hoss loves sticks. Whenever we come home I always try to make sure he gets at least 10 minutes of playing with a stick he finds in the front yard. If not, the screaming and gnashing of teeth which occurs is barely surviveable.

We have several trees in our 10 foot by 10 foot front yard/parking area. So many trees our home rarely sees sunshine on the front, which helps with keeping A/C bills down, but not with the allergies.

These recently have been falling from the tree directly in front of our front door.

They are dead flowers which once bloomed several weeks ago. They were very short lived, so short lived that I barely realized the tree was blooming.

Here's the tree. The yellow you see between the branches is a lamp. It was obvious tree growth was not considered when determining the placement of decorative street lamps.

The thousands of brown things on the ground are annoying when you try to run out to toss something in the trash without shoes on, but Hoss enjoys "sweeping" the thousands of dead, brown blooms with his chosen stick for the day.

If only he would sweep inside as well. I have a stick called a broom he might be interested in.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What a jam

I've had so many things to blog about recently, but I just can't concentrate after a long day at work to post them. I found a few moments recently to catch up on some posts so now I have something to entertain you all with...or at least for you to read!

A couple Sundays ago we returned home from church to discover that our front door knob was stuck. We unlocked the door to enter our house and it would not open. After determining that the door actually was unlocked and trying to unlock the backdoor (which we found out we don't have a key to) I encouraged the hubby to force the door open.

Ok, this probably was not the best idea, but it worked. And it left us with this.

Thankfully, for this case, we are renting our home and our landlord agreed to fix the doorframe, without any cost to us (yet).

I think it made hubby feel like he really provided for his family, which he did. I was frustrated and PMS-y so being locked out of our home on a Sunday afternoon with a cranky, sleepy, hungry two year old and wife, I'm sure he was relieved to get into the house where he could run to the bathroom and hide for awhile! :)

He was our hero. A real Jackie Chan, or Chuck Norris, if you will. I'm leaning toward Chuck myself.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hoss' "moosick" medley

Hoss LOVES to sing. "Moosick" is his favorite thing, with reading a close second. However, if Hoss thinks you are watching him or if you start to sing along with him he will stop singing. He only performs solos privately. I guess he's a shy performer.

Last week, when he thought I wasn't listening he sang a lovely medley of songs which went something like this,

"In da word's awmy, I in da word's awmy, 'es sir! ne'er 'arch in finty. Deep and Wiiiide, Deep and Wiiiiide, BIBLE!"

I'm thinking about putting him on the list for special "moosick" at church.

(He was singing bits and pieces of "I'm in the Lord's Army," "Deep and Wide," and "The B-I-B-L-E")

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Help! I'm throwing a baby shower!

I am hosting a Baby Shower for sister-in-law in June. By nature I don't appear to be a hospitable person; however, deep down I love doing these kinds of things.

But I need some help. I want to use unique Baby Shower invitations, i.e. not purchased at the typical party store. My sister-in-law loves daisies so I am envisioning a daisy themed shower. So, I need all you creative folks out there to help me.

Do you have any recommendations for invitations purchased online? I want something simple, classic and hopefully incorporating daisies.

What are your favorite baby shower games? I have a few ideas from baby showers I have attended, but I'd love any new ideas. Again, I'd like to do something unique and different.

And, what about the cake? The shower is at 2p.m. and I plan to serve only cake (maybe ice cream, what do you think?), mints and peanuts. Nothing too fancy. For my local readers, do you have any recommendations on where to purchase the cake?

I aso plan to make a diaper cake (man, I sure hope my sister-in-law doesn't read my blog, I really have no idea if she does). I have made one before and it turned out alright; however, I'm open for any recommendations on that as well.

Oh, and she's having a girl, if that makes a difference in your recommendations!

Thanks ladies!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Infomercial Extravaganza, Week 11

The Hawaii chair is the thing of the past! Now you need an iGallop!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The newest tactic

Well we have done Pull-ups alone today and now Hoss has a horrific diaper rash. Probably one of the worst diaper rashes I've ever seen him have. I'm not sure why or if it has anything to do with wearing the "big boy underwear" this week. We'll see how it heals.

We have a busy day tomorrow so I probably won't post much then, if at all. I will hopefully post Saturday or Sunday about our Derby Party, which I am really looking forward to!

Thanks for all your encouragement and wisdom this week as we've attempted Potty Training Bootcamp.

Now what?

We have official stopped the full blown potty training at our house. We will still attempt to sit on the potty at specific times of the day (when we get up, take a bath, go to bed, etc); however, right now we are going to wait a few weeks/months to do more extensive training.

From here I'm not sure where to go. Should I only use Pull-ups or should we try big boy underwear, at least at home? He is currently in a pull-up, but it's nap time. We went out for a couple hours today (we have been stuck in the house all week, we were loosing our minds!) and I put a pull-up on him then.

And the biggest question could be the result of our lack of progress. Hoss is a big boy, hence the name Hoss. He is too big for a potty chair. He will sit on one; however, it's some careful maneuvering to be sure he hits the potty part if he pees and there's no hope for #2. We have a potty insert for the big potty and he hates this. He won't sit on it and he acts like it hurts him. So, the dilemma begins, should I teach him to pee standing up? And if so, how do I do that? Should I try to encourage him to hold himself up on the big toilet, which he is completely afraid to do and cries when I try to help him with this. Also, I don't think he is capable of holding himself up. He has extremely low tone in his upper body, which is why he receives weekly occupational therapy.

Any suggestions internets?

It's about quittin' time

As much as I don't want to admit it, I think Hoss is not ready for potty training. I've given it some thought and I think it is harder for me to admit defeat than for Hoss. Actually Hoss probably doesn't even know the word defeat.

*Sigh* It's okay to fail, it teaches us how to succeed. Right?

On a different note, Hoss is completely cracking me up this morning. He is talking non-stop and it's very silly.

He is playing with a couple soap dispensers in the bathroom, but he calls them "oap ispeners." He said that without me having to tell him what they are called. He just had them kissing each other, with kissing sounds.

He dropped one a few minutes ago and said, "Oooooops. I sorry!"

Then he asked me to "Cose ur eye. Make wish."

Recently he'll look at me and say, "OH Mom!" as if he's so disappointed in me. I wonder if I've said "OH Hoss!" to him. He is NOT old enough to call me Mom yet. I'm still Mommy!

He's off the charts goofy today (typed as he is sitting on a container of wipes and scooting himself around the bathroom).