Monday, August 13, 2007

Hey Southpaws, it's OUR day!

Yep, that's right, today is the day that honors all of us in our right mind! The lefthanders!

It's International Lefthander's Day! (I'm not joking!)

I am proud to be a lefty! So proud I married a lefty. I watch Jake every day and hope he is a lefty!

I love it!

Why yes, we are a minority. We have to adapt to the ways of the righthanded world from computer mice to scissors to can opener to pencil sharpeners. It can be rough! We are permanently called "lefty" and often are clumsy when we have to do thing righthanded.

I actual completed a report in high school about lefthandedness. It was very interesting. That is when I learned about today's holiday.

I held a party once to celebrate. I invited all my friends and everyone had to sign in with their left hand (and if they were left handed with their right). I'm not sure what happened to that sign in sheet...I need to look for it.

I'm not throwing a party today, but I'll celebrate in my heart anyway!

Happy Lefthander's Day everyone!


Rebecca said...

i remember your lefty party :-)

good times... and i do recall the days events to be very challenging as i attempted to use my left hand for everything.

love and miss you :-)

Jessie said...

Happy lefty day! I am typing this with my left hand in honor of you!

Guinevere Meadow said...

What a fun idea! A lefthanded party!!! I'm not lefthanded, but that just sounds like such a fun, wacky thing to do! lol!