Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 28

One word about this week -- HORMONES!

My mood is really starting to be affected and I can't stand it. It is as if I am permanently experiencing the worst PMS ever. One second I am fight back tears, the next I am madder than a hornet! And my brain is constantly saying, "Stop! Don't act like that!" But, I can't stop. I spew from the mouth horrible things, I shed the tears over silly things. I can't stand it.

Yesterday morning started off poorly. Hoss is fighting a cold, which has spread to a cough and is mostly in his chest. He isn't running a fever and appears okay, but he is having trouble sleeping. He had nightmares the night prior and did not get a good night's sleep, so he definitely was not ready to get out of bed when it was time which put us behind and put me in a horrible mood as I was barking orders to everyone in the house to hurry up.

Hoss also had a small performance at his daycare yesterday in which he had to wear a white shirt. I went to Wal-Mart Sunday evening to purchase a white shirt since he didn't have one and spent money that was budgeted for something else.

Hoss wore his brand new white shirt to daycare yesterday morning and before the performance, it is ruined. He spilled yogurt all over it during breakfast, thus he had to wear his blue basketball "spare" shirt. Not the white shirt like everyone else in his class. All of that effort for nothing. The hormones did not do well with that.

I was upset that Hoss would once again be different than everyone else, as if he needs to stands out any more, so the tears welled up in my eyes. Then I was mad. Mad at my 5 year old for being clumsy and spilling something. That just led to me being mad at myself for even considering being mad at Hoss....he's just being 5, it really isn't his fault. Plus I was mad that I was so emotional over something so silly like spilled yogurt.

I quickly gathered myself together and settled in for the performance. However, when Hoss spotted me in the crowd, he grinned ear to ear and was obviously thrilled just to see me. Naturally, the tears came again. Good grief!

Then, last night as I was telling my husband about the performance as he was watching the video I took, I began to cry again. Just recalling the emotions I had earlier in the day did me in again.

So, needless to say, the hormones are flairing up. And I'm done with them. DONE!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 27

This week has been a productive one. We have the crib together and I have organized some of the baby items. It is odd that my home is starting to look like a baby is living there. I haven't seen baby things around my home in a long time. It's exciting and also a little scary. This is really happening, in 12 1/2 weeks or less (hopefully not more!).

Hoss is starting to recognize the changes around the house too. We have had a discussion about the crib being for his baby brother, not for him, although I still half expect to find him in it one day. Hoss will be getting new bunk beds in a week or so courtesy of his Gigi and Grandpa. Hopefully this will dissuade his desire to scale the crib.

Although, sharing his closet with baby brother's stuff is sparking some concern. The other day Hoss came downstairs dressed in a pair of 3-6 month shorts. I'm not sure how he actually managed to get them on his body, but he looked as if he was wearing a pair of speedos. Hoss is used to everything kid related in our home being only his. I think he's in for a rude awakening.

On another note, the pregnancy clumsiness set in this week. My ankle rolled on Monday and caused me to fall to my knee. I was holding Hoss's hand and pulled him down with me, but we were otherwise fine. I barely scraped my knee and felt there was no reason for concern. Plus baby is as active as ever. Let's hope this is the last fall I experience with this one. I don't need the scary falls I had with Hoss.

We have finalized a name. I think. Ok, so it is final. A few compromises were made, but it is good. Hoss is aware of his baby brother's name and is happy with it. I'll announce his name here when he is born.

Friday I go for the one hour glucose test. I'm hoping to pass with flying colors. I'm trying to get through this pregnancy with as little drama as possible!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 26

Whew! I had an interesting past couple days. I have been experiencing pain in my left side off and on. It seemed to be related to what I was eating and I believe it is colon related. Well, last night it reached the worst point. I could hardly stand the pain and it was continuing to escalate and worsen.

I still thought it was colon related and possibly due to eating greasier and higher fiber foods. The pain stayed put and never moved so I didn't think it was anything pregnancy related. I suffered through the night, tossing and turning and when I woke this morning the pain and all was gone.

I have made sure to eat lighter foods today to prevent another attack tonight, but I will definitely be discussing this with my OB next week to see if it could be anything else. Hopefully I won't experience it again.

Otherwise all is well. I have lots of plans in my head to get organized for this baby, now I just have to actually start doing it. I have things strung all around my house and now they need to be organized and assembled. After all, I only have 14 weeks left!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 25

Not much new is going on this week. I am continuing to enjoy feeling Little Man moving around a lot. I made a big crock pot of taco soup this week and have been eating it for lunch every day. About 10 minutes after I am done eating somersaults and movements begin in my belly. I guess all that spicy stuff is energizing the little one.

I had my 25 week appointment last Friday. All was well (other than my continued weight gain); we had a healthy heartbeat. I return in a couple weeks for another check up and glucose testing. Yippee! :)

I was recently looking back at my blog archives. I have been blogging since January 2007, when Hoss was 15 months old. The pictures and stories are sweet. I can't wait to experience all those fun times again with this little boy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Hoss!

Dear Hoss,

Today you turn 5. I don't know where the time went or where my adorable pudgy little red-headed baby boy went. Now you are very tall for your age. Everyone always guesses you are at least 6. I tell them to hush. I'm not ready for you to grow up!

You have a very sweet demeanor. You are always asking me to "love" you or "cuddle" you, meaning you want hugs. You don't hug back that much, but I adore squeezing you tight. You ask for giant hugs so I squeeze you extra tight for those.

Despite being so sweet with Mommy, you are still all boy. You love to "fight" with Daddy. You love when Daddy will put you in wrestling moves and give you body slams. The other day I watched as you tried to do Kung Fu moves, kicking your legs and waving your arms. You didn't know I was watching and I chuckled to myself as I watched your "hi-ya" movements.

Still the timid, shy little boy you have always been, you have been pushed out of your comfort zone this year as you have begun to attend daycare. We are hoping this will help you be more prepared for Kindergarten next year. Your preschool teachers at Early Start tell me they see improvements as you are the first one to answer the questions about the letters and numbers. Mommy and Daddy still worry about you from time to time, but we are confident you will be a great person.

Your smile and laugh are so contagious. Mommy and Daddy are so blessed to get to see and hear them all the time. I simply can't stand how adorable you are whenever we sing "Happy Birthday" to you. You grin ear to ear and get so excited! We plan to sing it as many times as we can today!

This coming year you will be getting to accomplish a lot of firsts. You will be a big brother in January and you are continuously telling me every time you hear someone say "brother." You are becoming very interested in the little brother in Mommy's belly. Then you ask me what is in your belly. We always name all the food you ate that day and you laugh. I can't wait to see how much you love your little brother.

Happy 5th Birthday Hoss! We love you more than you know! You are the light in our lives.

Love, Mommy and Daddy