Monday, July 16, 2007

Feet, celebrities, and classic country music, all in an hour

Friday evening I had a pedicure.

Hubby gave me a gift certificate for a free one for my birthday so I took a few minutes to have some pampering.

I have had pedicures before. Prior to being married and having a kiddo, pedicures were something I loved to have done. Although my left foot is insanely ticklish I enjoy letting my tired aching feet soak in a tub of water while someone massages them, scrapes the layers of dead and dry skin off, while I sit in a massage chair and read the latest People magazine and catch up on the world of useless gossip.

Honestly, can anyone tell me a better way to spend an hour on a Friday evening? Because I honsetly can't think of one!

Prior to Friday I had not had a pedicure in well over a year. I am not one to spend much money on myself now that I have a kiddo and family and a pedicure seems to be one of those frivilous things that can be eliminated so you can pay the electric bill.

Needless to say my feet were gross. I won't go in to all the details of the shape of my feet because it's 1. gross and 2. embarassing! I have all the items necessary to perform my own pedicure at home, but that means I can't read a People magazine, or sit in a massage chair, so why would I want to do that? Plus it means I need to have more than 10 minutes of time that is not changing a diaper, picking up another toy, clipping coupons, and well, blogging!

Don't get me wrong, I have clean feet and I am not treated by a specialist for any type of foot problems, but my feet do get dry and cracked. I do try to paint my toenails in the summer months when they are displayed as I wear sandals, but other than that my poor feet are neglected.

The pedicurist, a middle-aged man of Asian decent, spent a good deal of time lecturing me on caring for my feet, which I do plan to make time to do. I am sure he gossiped about my nasty feet once I left because I know I would have!

The pedicure was as I expected. I was able to relax for a few minutes as the massage chair beat my back so hard my entire body shook. As your head shakes side to side it can be difficult to read about Nicole Richey, Jessica Simpson and Lindsey Lohan, but I managed to flip through an entire People magazine.

As I was allowing my toe nails to dry in the foot dryer I realized the store had country music playing. I guess between the massaging, reading and lecturing during the pedicure I didn't recognize the music playing, but as I sat in the quiet area of foot dryers I was able to hear the great goodness of some country music.

I have to say this made me chuckle a bit. This particular nail salon is a family operated business owned by the middle aged man of Asian decent who performed my pedicure. I found it interesting and rather humorous that the music of choice was American country music.

Now, this was not just any country music. The music of choice appeared to be classic country music. The song playing the majority of the time I was allowing my nails to dry was "Sweet Bye and Bye."

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of the song, and at times classic country, but the setting it was playing in made me smile.

Next year when I venture back to the salon for my annual pedicure and lecture I will listen much more intently to the background music. Maybe their taste will change and a little Jay-Z will be blaring from the speakers, which for some reason seems more appropriate. Why is that?

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