Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 24

Wow! 24 weeks! That means only 16 weeks (or less) left. I'm not sure I'm ready for this. So many changes are coming with this addition, but I know the little bundle will bring us so much joy!

Right now, this little bundle is loving to do somersaults in my belly. He is very active, much more active than his big brother was, as I can recall. I sit and try to remember my pregnancy with Hoss, 5 years ago, and I have trouble remembering all the details. I remember having a very big, pregnant belly and being very tired at the end of the pregnancy. Plus I remember swelling a lot.

Luckily, all swelling has subsided since last week. I think the heat and not drinking enough water were the culprits. I am trying to make sure I drink a lot of water and with the much cooler temperatures we are experiencing this week, I am not experiencing swelling. Let's hope I can keep this up for the next 16 weeks.

I have my next doctor's appointment this Friday. I expect it to be a simple, quick appointment; however, I anticipate I may have to do the glucose test. Hopefully I can pass it this time and not have to do the 3 hour test as I did with Hoss!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 23

Fortunately the pains I complained about last week have decreased. I typically only have pain now after I have been sitting for awhile (like at work, at my desk) and then get up to walk. It feels like Baby Boy must lie in a certain position and those muscles and bones hurt initially when I stand; however, I can typically "walk it off."

Occassionally I will also have pain at night still and I am still finding it difficult to sleep soundly. This might have to do with the Big Brother sharing the bed as well. That needs to end soon! Hopefully with the addition of his new bunk bed he is getting for his birthday it will!

A new pregnancy side effect I began experiencing over the past week or so is swelling. My ankles and lower legs swell the most. I have minimal swelling anywhere else and my BP was great when I checked it at the Wal-Mart machine this weekend. I feel fine otherwise, just retaining some fluid. I have drank 4 bottles of water so far today, but I am still holding fluid. I'm trying to stay away from salty foods as I notice more swelling after eating those things. I had horrible swelling and fluid retention with Hoss and I am not looking forward to repeating that this time.

I just realized the other day that I am not religiously checking my Pregnancy Week by Week book like I did with Hoss. I am probably about 3 to 4 weeks behind right now. I know with Hoss I would read it immediately the day I changed from one week to the next. Plus, I would check out all the websites that told me similar information.

I guess this is just a part of having a 2nd child, those things just don't seem to be so important this time. I've done this before and I (kinda) know what's going on. Plus, this baby boy is very active and likes to let me know he is there, so no worries with that. And he is growing a lot, making maternity clothing a desperate need -- another way this pregnancy is different.

With Hoss, I was so thrilled to get to wear maternity clothing, doing so far before I really needed to; however, with this kiddo, I am dreading it. Mostly due to the cost. I no longer have the clothing I wore with Hoss' pregnancy, plus it likely would have been too big. Luckily I have some clothing from pre-weight loss so I have been able to wear those items, but this belly is quickly outgrowing some of those. It will all work out, I only have 17 weeks left (or less)!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 22

I have always heard that each pregnancy is different. I have to say, I am starting to believe this is true.

Hoss was a large baby who liked to hang out very high up in utero, around my ribs and lungs. Trust me, this did not make for easy breathing, but it was tolerable. Also with Hoss, I don't recall problems sleeping. Actually, I recall being able to do little else other than sleep. I would crawl home from work and collapse. I didn't cook dinner or do 4 loads of laundry. I only slept.

This Little Man has different preferences than Hoss. This one likes to hang out really low in my pelvis. He likes to make my back hurt and my hips hurt and he keeps me up half the night due to these lovely pains. Just this morning, the pain decided to stick around and I am waddling around as my lower back and hips are aching. Or maybe all the pain is just because I'm older. Either way, this pain is for the birds!

I am also finding I must push through the tiredness this time. If I am tired, I don't get a choice. I must cook dinner, do the 4 loads of laundry, bathe Hoss, get him in bed and eventually collapse into bed myself. (Along with the help of Hubs!) Plus, I am getting up hours earlier than I did when pregnant with Hoss, since I have to get him to school on time.

This pregnancy is different, but I'm happy to be experiencing it all. It is worth it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 21

Week 21 has been good in the pregnancy world. We are debating on a name for our baby boy. I thought we had a name ready, but second thoughts have come up and Hoss despises the name and screams that the baby is NOT _____. (I don't want to say the name in case we end up deciding on it anyway. I'd hate for the baby to read my blog in 20 years -- will they still even exist then?-- and see that his brother hated his name).

So we are back to square one. Hubby has convinced Hoss that the baby's name should be something else that I'm not a huge fan of...let the debates begin.

Otherwise all is well with Baby Boy. He's not causing me too many problems, which is a huge blessing!

We registered this weekend. I know it is a bit taboo to have baby showers for the 2nd, but since we have nothing leftover from Hoss, due to thinking this baby may never happen and for space issues, I'm hoping a few kind friends and/or family will check out the registries.

I have consignment sales on my to-do list every weekend in September, hoping to get some great deals on a few of those non-essentials, but things that would be great to have. Plus, clothes!

And, let's just say I need to stop "window shopping" on Etsy because there are some of the cutest things in the world there!

Like this monkey hat. OH MY WORD! ADORABLE!