Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I believe we have an identity crisis on our hands

My office space has recently moved.

We are located in an older shopping center area and our company owns half of the center, where our offices are located. Recently, we have expanded our office and added a small office space adjacent to the building we own.

This space has been many different businesses over the past five years including a used bookstore and most recently a Mexican Restaurant. When the restaurant closed our company recognized the need to expand our office and began to rent this location. I was honored enough to get to move my office to the new location.

There is only one problem (or maybe 2)...the Mexican Restaurant sign is still above our doors. This leads to numerous people stopping in each week looking for some yummy chips and salsa. I am definitely a fan of such appetizers, but sorry, we don't specialize in such at our business.

I wish that this was our only problem, but apparently our company's name is similar to a local bar in town and we are listed as this bar in the yellow pages.

I received a call a couple weeks ago and the person inquired on when the male revue would be. I have to say this was the first call I have ever received asking for such and I have to say I was rather amused. I wish I could say this was the last call we have received asking for this service, but apparently, the bar with the similar name is in high demand.

Thus, our company (which has nothing to do with either male shows or food service) has an identity crisis.

I wonder what we will be tomorrow.


Janelle said...

At least you have a little humor to break up the day! Maybe you could do a side business of chips and salsa, I mean the customers are already there!

Mrs. Who said...

Hi, Jessica! I stumbled on your blog via a comment you made on the Big Mama site and realized (shhhhh...I'm incognito until I retire in 2 years) we are both from Lexington!! Glad to meet you. I'll check back with you and keep reading your blog posts.

Mrs. Who said...

OK, now you are going to be really excited that you have three comments when, in actuality, two of them are me because I got so excited you were from Lexington, I forgot the purpose of my comment. Which was to tell you I wrote a blog post about my cell phone # being very similar to a local Chinese restaurant. So I feel your pain.

Guinevere Meadow said...

LOL! How did you react to that caller? I would have made something up. :)