Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 15

Oh, week 15. How I long for you to be over.

Actually, I can't wait for the treats you have brought me to be over. The hot flashes are absurd. I'm hot, then I'm cold, then I'm hot...it is a never ending cycle and I'm done with it.

However, believe it or not, Week 15 has brought me far worse than just hot flashes. I am not sure if it is due to pregnancy hormones or an infection, but my mouth is entirely covered in mouth sores. No exaggerating, I have about 12 to 15 mouth sores. And boy, does that put a damper on eating all my favorite foods!

I went to urgent care yesterday, per the recommendation of my OB, and the strep test was negative. My throat looks just as bad, if not worse than my mouth, but it doesn't hurt as bad. I am on antibiotics and I am hoping it will do something for the horrific mouth sores, but I'm not entirely optimistic about that.

For now, I'm covering my mouth with numbing gel about every 5 minutes and popping a few Tylenol here and there in order to alleviate the pain just enough so I can chew and swallow a few bites of food. Oh, and brush my teeth.

Week 16, I hope you have pity on me! I need it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 14

Week 14 has been uneventful so far.

Of course, as happens about 2 to 3 weeks after every doctor's appointment, the nervous worry begins of fearing something happening to the baby. I'm just plagued with these fears during this pregnancy and I can't wait until this baby is born and here so I can start worrying about something else. Because I'll just find something else to worry about then.

I have another 2 weeks until my next doctor's appointment so I'm hoping I can push the fears aside and not have a complete nervous breakdown before then. As long as I hear the heartbeat and am reassured everything is fine, I'll be okay. For another couple weeks at least. I can't wait until I can feel the baby moving. I will have reassurance every day from then on that my baby is breathing.

Other than fear and worry, I've noticed being more out of breath. This should not be happening yet, I don't think. I'm afraid it is a combination of my poor eating recently and my lack of exercising, not the fact that I'm pregnant. Maybe I just shouldn't run up the stairs at home quite as quickly and slow it down a bit. Yeah, that's it!

And that is Week 14.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 13

FYI -- This is my 600th blog post. Wow!

I am officially on week 13 and now a member of the 2nd trimester club. I have more energy and am not quite as sleepy. Well, except for the insomnia I am suffering. I despise not getting my sleep and I am a bit of a grump, to say the least.

Otherwise this pregnancy is going well. I had no morning sickness and other than a minor scare early on, I have had a marvelous pregnancy so far. And I am definitely recognizing that miracle and counting my blessings.

I did experience some swelling on my lower legs and ankles yesterday. I had not drank as much water as I should have and had eaten some food high is sodium, so I am going to try to drink a lot more water today and make sure I'm making better food choices. I had excessive swelling and the beginning of pre-eclampsia with Hoss and I don't want any of that on this go around.

And I can't forget to point out that I turned 30 this past Friday. I started Perty by Thirty a year and a half ago and I had no idea I would be pregnant when I actually turned 30. I am thrilled to be pregnant and feel as if my Perty by Thirty goal was met, even if I did not hit the numbers I wanted.

One of the main goals, which I never spoke about publicly, in my weight loss journey was to loose weight so I could have another child. Even though I was heavier when I conceived Hoss, I knew that my weight (and ever increasing age) were not in my favor to conceive again. My weight loss changed my life in ways I could never imagine and I am so happy I am going to have the ultimate reward of another child.

So, all the effort I put in (and will continue to put in after this pregnancy) working toward Perty by Thirty has definitely paid off!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 12

I'm not sure why I worry so much. I mentioned yesterday that I was worried about my ultrasound today. I never remember being so nervous going to the OB when I was pregnant with Hoss as I do with this baby.

I'm assuming this worry is because I am older and much more aware of the possible dangers that can occur while pregnant. I literally hold my breath until I see or hear the heartbeat with this baby. Luckily, I have heard and seen it every time. Including today.

Here are the first pictures of Baby Frye.

This baby is a bit stubborn. It was lying on its side and refused to move. They wanted to get a picture of the back of the baby and get more measurement, but no matter how much I coughed, moved or we pushed around the baby, it refused to flip over. It waved at us, as if it was playing games with us (and obviously winning), but never cooperated. I will definitely be drinking caffeine before the next ultrasound at 20 weeks when I hope to find out if this baby is a he or a she.

I'm pretty confident it is a she. The heart rate was 167, indicating it might be a girl, even my OB said so. The ultrasound tech (who was also the tech for Hoss) noted that the stubbornness of this baby could indicate it's a girl.

We will find out at the beginning of September. For now I am just waiting until the next appointment on August 6th. We are moving into the 2nd trimester and it is so very exciting!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 11

This week the hormones are attacking my skin. My face looks like a 13 year old's as the acne is taking over.

I'm pretty much done with these hormones.

I'm excited to be going to the doctor again tomorrow where I will have another ultrasound. I hope to come away with pictures this time. I do have to admit that I am a little bit nervous for this ultrasound. I have no reason to be as my pregnancy has been healthy since the early scare; however, I just have that nervous, butterflies in my stomach kind of feeling.

Hopefully that will all be gone by tomorrow morning.

We are throwing around names for this baby. I have decided it is a girl. Call it the motherly instinct, but I just feel it. Now, if this baby is a boy I will be thrilled as well, but will have to second guess that mother's intuition in the future. Either way, we are working on names for both a boy and a girl.

Be expecting a Week 12 post a bit earlier than usual with pictures!