Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Reward

We finally had success in the potty training world.

Hoss did #2 on the potty.

He has done it once at Grandma's a couple weeks ago, but never at home.

Today, he had success!

We have been talking about his reward for pooing in the potty as going bowling.

Hoss had his first experience bowling a few weeks ago. My camera battery was dead, so no pictures occurred that night. However, last night, when we stopped at the bowling alley for his reward, my camera came along.

Hoss was very excited about going and did very well, considering it was his second time bowling ever.

This is my favorite picture, every time he would roll the ball he would stand with his hands on his hips and watch the ball roll down the lane.

He did have some trouble getting the ball to make it all the way to the end. He just doesn't have the strength quite yet. The poor bowling alley staff had to go get the ball three times. I know they hate us. And I apologized, every time. Not that it made it any better.

I started to feel bad about the ball not making it down the lane so I started trying to give the ball a little push along with Hoss. Hoss did not like that at all.

Everytime he would run to the line to try to roll the ball before I got there. If I made it to the line in time and touched the ball he would yell, "NO! Hoss push da ball! I want Hoss push da ball!"

Yes, he often speaks in third person, but doesn't say Hoss, but his "real" name.

We only had two experiences of tears and screaming, including rolling around on the nasty bowling alley floor. Yuck!

But, all in all, it was a good time.

Hoss did very well taking turns. He would sit in his seat and wait until my turn was over. He always sat very patiently, which is not normal.

Hoss' final score was 33.

Mommy's was 138, which is rare.

Gotta love bumper lanes!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week 12

Well, the scale was in my favor this week, which is good because I'm not sure another week of gaining would have been good for my psyche.

I made up for the horrific 4.4 pound weight gain last week because I lost 5 pounds this week!

I'm pretty sure the scale was messed up last week. Or else I was retaining several gallons of water, which is just odd.

Either way, I'm glad I lost 5 pounds this week.

That brings my total weight loss in 12 weeks to 33.4 pounds. An average of 2.78 pounds lost weekly.

Not too shabby. At this rate I'll meet my goal of 150 pounds lost in 53.95 weeks. So, maybe by early January 2010, my goal will be met. Then I would be Perty by 29 1/2!

Let's hope my Dairy Queen splurge this evening doesn't ruin me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Perty by Thirty -- Week 11

Well, this week was shocking.

The numbers written on my weight chart was 4.4.

But it was 4.4 pounds GAINED!


I knew last week's 6 pound weight loss was a fluke.

I didn't even know you could gain 4.4 pounds in 7 days.

I guess it may have been the onion rings, hot fudge sundae, chocolate milkshake...oh, you get the drift.

I'm committed to turning this around this week! Wish me luck.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The scary face

Hoss demonstrates the scary face.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bootcamp for teens

Lately my heart has been saddened by the number of teen pregnancies that are affecting those close to me. I am a believer in abstinence until marriage. I know that others may disagree, but this is my blog and I can say what I want to.

I have been contemplating how I can make a change in our society. What kind of role should I hold in helping to prevent teenagers from having to handle the stresses of a newborn.

Last night I realized the perfect prevention method. Three year old bootcamp.

Let's take a 3 year old boy who becomes hyper when taking cold medicine. This three year old has a runny nose that he likes to wipe with his shirt sleeve. As soon as the three year realizes his shirt is dirty he insists on taking it off. If he can't take it off, a temper tantrum errupts and he falls to the floor screaming and yelling.

We'll add a round of strong antibiotics for this three year old because he was exposed to whooping cough.

Oh, did I mention that this three year old is partially potty trained. He will pee pee in the potty, but definitely will not poo.

The strong antibiotics cause said three year old to have, shall we say, less than solid poo.

The three year old decides to get out of bed, take his night-time pull-up off, and poo, the less than solid version, in seven different areas of his bedroom.

Let's say you check on said three year old and realize that not only has he poo'd on the floor, but he has walked in it, put his hands in it and possibly ate it.

You get the carpet cleaner, run the bath water and try to maintain your cool. You spend the next hour, scrubbing the carpet on your hands and knees, removing bedding, wiping down walls and furniture, bathing the child and washing laundry.

Not to mention throwing away several toys that were contaminated beyond repair.

Said three year old will then not fall asleep until 10:30p.m. You still have at least 2 loads of laundry to complete.

The next morning your alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. You have to wake the three year old who still has a runny nose, cough and less than solid poo at 6:15 a.m. Remember, the three year old had less than 8 hours of sleep.

You have to maintain your composure, assist with dressing, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, putting on shoes/coat, loading in to the car, driving to school, dropping off at school, then going on to work.

You repeat this for the next four days when the child gets to continue the strong dose of antibiotics.

Let's hope when things heat up between you and your boyfriend, you will remember the horrible nasty smell that occurred when you had to clean up the less than solid poo and the feelings of frustration, inadequacy and exhaustion you felt.

Don't forget, this is just one kid. Imagine if you had more than one.

Jessica's 3 year old bootcamp for teens will be open for business next month.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week Ten

Well, this week I was shocked by the scale.

I believe it was a fluke.

Maybe it was the 2 1/2 inches I got cut off my hair this week.

Or the fact I wore jeans to my weigh-in last week and I did not this week.

Maybe it's the fact that my load at work is making me move a lot more than I typically do.

Whatever, the case, I was thrilled and mystified with my 6 pound weight loss this week.

If I was publishing this in a Weight Watchers magazine there would be an asterik after "6 pound" and a small note stating, "results are not typical."

And they aren't, but I don't care. I'm loving it!

This 6 pounds brings my total 10 week weight loss to 32.8 pounds. Who needs the Biggest Loser when you have Weight Watchers?

Maybe my 6 pound loss this week is related to my new favorite drink.

Oh, the Diet Dr. Pepper with Cherry is wonderful. An addiction. My new love.

Here's a Diet. Dr. Pepper with Cherry toast to another week toward my goal. Only 117.8 pounds left to go!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


What an exciting weekend.

My parents had a guest speaker at their church this past Sunday to kick off a new sermon series called "The Core." Since the speaker is very popular, it as quite a packed crowd. They required pre-registration. It was exciting to see the opportunities their church had to reach out to the community just because a famous television "star" was in their church.

I made the hour and a half trip over to their neck of the woods to visit. I couldn't miss out an opportunity to see Kate Gosselin.

Yes, the Kate Gosselin, from Jon and Kate Plus 8.

I know there are lots of haters of the Gosselin family around the blogosphere and internet world. I am refraining from judging because I know that the editing room brings out the worst in people at times, but also because God tells me not to judge. Plus, if there was a camera in my home, there would be lots of haters of me too.

Anyway, Kate (we are on a first name basis here), spoke to the two church services and later in the afternoon had a book signing.

The book signing is when I was able to stand two feet away from her as she autographed my copy of her book. We were given strict orders that "Kate does not pose for personal pictures, she is not able to converse, and will only sign her name due to time constraints." And boy, was that true. She barely made eye contact with me. But I did note she has nice smelling perfume. And enjoys chewing gum.

I'm sure there are good reasons for these types of regulations. I'm sure she had a plane to catch back to Pennsylvania. But I'm not famous or anything, so what do I know?

I did catch a quick photo-op.

I couldn't get out of there without doing it. What kind of blogger would I be if I just told you I "met" someone famous and didn't have proof?

Just an ordinary, not so famous one, I guess.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week Nine

Look what I got today!

I hit the 25 pound mark!

This week I lost 2.4 pounds, bringing my nine week total to 26.8 pounds.

I had an insightful week as I learned that I AM a stress eater. I never thought I ate when I was stressed, I just thought I ate all the time, regardless of my emotions. One day last week I came back to my office after a stressful meeting at work and I immediately had the desire to shove food in my mouth. Any type of food, I just wanted it.

I consciously realized that I only wanted to eat because I was stressed. I was not hungry in any way. I didn't eat at that time. I knew I didn't need to eat, I just wanted to, so I found some hidden strength in my gut and went on about my day without stress eating.

I can't say I did that well the rest of the week, but I have at least discovered my stress eating habits and am trying not to give in to those desires.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week Eight

I just had to go check last week's post to see what week I'm on with this weight loss journey. It's all becoming a blur.

This week I lost 1.2 pounds!

Bringing my total to 24.4lb. I am hoping that next week I'll hit the big 2-5 mark which will be 1/6th of the way to my goal of 150 pounds lost.

I have noticed this past week that my wedding and engagement ring are loose. I had my engagement ring resized after I had Hoss. I wasn't able to wear it toward the end of my pregnancy and it was still a bit tight after the 10 plus pounds baby was born, so I had it resized to be a bit larger. I'm thinking I may have to have it resized smaller soon! Yippee!

I know I mentioned last week that I am hoping to blog more often. The next day I went to work, found out they are cutting our pay temporarily and I'm getting a bigger work load temporarily. We'll see how temporary this is. Gotta love the economy. But at least I am employed.

So, that being said, I may only be around on Mondays to post my weight loss. I'll try to blog more, but there are no promises. Especially since I have totally over committed myself with teaching Sunday school, children's church and planning a lock-in at church...then selling and working at THREE consignment sales in the next month. And a trip out of town this weekend. I actually have requested a vacation day from work just to clean my house. I'm serious.

Now I'm off to bed so I can do it all again tomorrow.