Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Works for me Wednesday -- Shout it out!

My son is a messy eater. He is constantly getting food on his clothing, even when he is wearing a bib. I believe that is his goal during most meals! And if you know me in the world outside of blogging, I don't want any comments on how this could be genetic or anything!

Since he is such a messy eater we had several shirts and even pants which were stained beyond repair. Or so I thought!

I have used Dreft spray on his clothes in the past, but this was not getting out the spaghetti stains or any stains really. So a few weeks ago I decided to purchase Shout!

I used it that day to wash Jake's clothes. I sprayed all the clothes which were stained, which I believe were ALL of them and then I allowed them to sit and soak in the Shout for about 30-45 minutes.

Then I washed them and voila! they were clean. He had a couple of shirts which had dried in stains...ones which did not come out the first time around and had been thrown in the dryer. Those stains were even removed.

Trust me, I will now be using Shout on all of his clothes.

Shout! works for me! For more Works for Me Wednesday tips visit Shannon!


Leia said...

I (married 12 months after meeting him, with baby 11 months after wedding, so I feel you on the life sneaking up thing) just recently discovered this wonder myself as well! AJ's still in "stage 2" foods, but those prune mixes not only give him goth-like lipstick, but turn the nicest of bibs into...well, not the nicest of bibs. Shout Advanced was _AMAZING_ even on stuff that had been washed and dried multiple times without really coming clean.

Now if only I didn't go through a bottle every two laundry days!

Ang said...

I need to try it :) Not only on Mikey's clothes, but mine as well (but I'm not fessing up to being a messy bessy eater)! Hope that your week is going well!!

Guinevere Meadow said...

That sounds great! I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the tip!

happychyck said...

I would die without Shout! I use the gel and put it on the stain at the end of the day and drop the clothing in the hamper. Although it could be a few days before I do laundry, the stain comes out. It's less stressful to me to treat stains as they happen and not as I'm sorting laundry.