Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday, Jacob!


Today is your 7th Birthday! I loved your grin when we woke you up this morning singing "Happy Birthday." Your eyes were still closed and you were not ready to get out of bed yet, but you could not surpress the smile on your lips. The joy that you have about your birthday fills my heart. Every year I can't wait for the days surrounding your birthday. You love the extra attention and the celebrations just to honor you. So much so I wish we could celebrate your birthday every week.

I can't believe you are 7 (I think I say this every year!). You have grown so much this year, literally. You are over 70 pounds and 4 ft. 5inches. Actually, you are probably 4'6" at this point. You are going to be towering over me in just a few years. Your red hair is just as red as your first birthday (maybe even more so). I am so glad that God decided to make you stand out in that way. Your red hair and glasses set you apart from others.

Since your last birthday you have completed your first year of school. Kindergarten was a new adventure for both of us. You are a very smart boy, testing in the 96th percentile in reading. Even though there are numerous hurdles you have to jump, I know that you will succeed.

You are no longer just tolerating your little brother, but you are interacting and showing him love. Earlier this week your Daddy relayed this story to me and it warmed my heart. Lucas was going around giving his nightly goodnight hugs. He stopped at Dad and gave hugs and kisses, then he went to you. You leaned over and give a slight hug (patted his back) to Lucas then stood back up. Lucas was wanting to give you a kiss as well and you realized this. You picked Lucas up, brought him up to your face and allowed him to give you a kiss. You then sat him back down just as gently. Lucas was beyond thrilled with this contact with you. He did a little dance and looked at you with admiration only a little brother can show toward his big brother. I feel so blessed to be the mother to both of you and I know you will both bless each other's life in insurmountable ways.

Your love of music has only continued to grow through this year. Your current favorite artist is Michael Jackson. I am certain you will be thrilled to open the Michael Jackson Experience video game at your birthday party tomorrow. You also enjoy play the Just Dance video games and love to sing along to Katy Perry songs and "Call Me Maybe." You seem to find it hilarious when I know the words to the songs and sing along since I am not the music guru that you and your daddy are.

Jacob, you are an amazing blessing to our lives. You have taught me more life lessons in your short 7 years than I have learned in my entire 32 years of life. I know there is a lot to accomplish in the years to come and it may not always be easy, but together we will make it!

We love you, Bubba! Happy Birthday!

Mommy, Daddy and Lucas

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Lucas!

My dear sweet Lucas,

I can't believe a year has passed since we heard your first cry. What a fast year it has been! You have gone from a 9lb 1oz baby to a toddling 26lb 7oz little boy.  You still love your paci and haven't yet given up the bottle, but you are growing into a smart little boy.

You are such a huge blessing to our family! Your sweet smile and demeanor are contagious. You are so curious and are always trying to get everything in your hands. You adore your big brother and try to do anything he does.

You love to dance or your version of dancing, bouncing up and down! You love to play pat-a-cake. I can just say the word and you immediately begin to clap your hands. You love to play with cars and balls. If you can crawl after something you love it. However, I venture to say that pots and pans are your favorite toys.

Needless to say you are always on the move. You like to climb up the stairs, but will wait on the 4th step until we come behind you because you want us to "chase" you. When we come to the stairs, you grin from ear to ear and begin to climb the steps as quickly as you can while looking to see if we are following you.

You are such a flirt! You will flash those baby blue eyes with a sweet smile and women everywhere melt. You crack me up when you tilt your head and raise your shoulders when you are trying to get away with something. How do you know to do this already? I'm blaming daycare. ;)

I once heard that you can measure the amount someone is loved/liked by the number of nicknames they have. If that is true, you are a very loved little boy, "Lukie Loo," "Lucky Luke," "Lucas Mucas" (as Daddy so affectionately calls you), "Bubba," and more recently, "L. Reed."

You are my baby boy and always will be. I am so excited to see what the next year brings and I am thrilled to be your Mommy.

Happy 1st Birthday, Lucas Reed!

Mommy, Daddy, and Jacob