Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There's always tomorrow

Well, today turned out to be a complete mess. We had 5, yes, FIVE accidents and no success stories. I really can't explain why. We are going to give it all we have tomorrow and then decide what to do from there. Let's hope a good night's sleep will give us a turn around.

We've hit some speed bumps

It has been a long morning already. We had our first poo in the underwear today. It was gross, for both of us. We also had a pee pee in the underwear today as well. No successes yet. It has been a busy morning.

Hoss is currently sitting on the potty. He was not real happy about it and actually cried, which is the first time he has done that. I guess we are both having rough days.

It's definitely a hump day that we are going to have to work hard to get over.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day two wrap up

Today we had 1 success and 1 accident. Hoss is conveniently using his naptime and bedtime pull-up as the majority of his pee pee time. I am going to have to supply lots more fluid tomorrow than we had today. I think that was the result of our slow success today.

He did it again!

We have had another success! Just after my last post Hoss peed in the potty. And we had our celebratory dance and excitment. Hoss chose a new book this time around. He is still napping and I dread waking him up, but I know I need to soon.

My husband got home from work early, which he says he told me he was going to yesterday, but I guess I missed that entire conversation. So I took advantage of that time and went out to run some errands. Hubby was planning on playing a silly video game so there was no need for me to hang around the house. :)

Ok, it's time to wake up the sleepy head.

We're still trekking on

I haven't completed much "live blogging" on the Potty Training process today, but I have completed some housework and other daily tasks like bathing, something that did not occur yesterday.

We haven't had much success on the pottying front today. Currently Hoss is sitting on the potty again. I have tried a little bit of a different strategy today, sitting for long periods of time. You can see our TV from the bathroom so I put the potty chair near the doorway of the bathroom and I have turned on Hoss approved TV. He will sit on that potty for a long time with no problems. And with no peeing either, unfortunately.

He has had one wet accident today which I have not figured out how that happened. I haven't found the "spot" yet either, which scares me a bit. I just hope it wasn't in the toy box, which I haven't checked yet.

Naptime is soon and I have an afternoon of activities for myself. Hopefully I will get back with you all in the early evening. And let's hope that by that time we will have had some success for the day.

Day Two begins

We are starting Day Two and so far we have had no accidents...and no success. But it's a new day, anything can happen! Hoss and I have made up a new song about the Potty Training process, here's a short video clip of Hoss singing it while he's sitting on the potty.

Edit: Does the video load for anyone? When I previewed it before I posted it looked fine, but now I can't get it to load on my page.

Monday, April 28, 2008

We're not perfect yet

With success comes a fall. Oh wait, that's not right. It's, "pride comes before a fall."

Well, maybe that's what happened. Thirty minutes after our first success, we had an accident, pee pee on the floor.

It's a learning process.


We've had success! At 7:33p.m., pee pee was done in the potty! It only took sitting on the potty for an hour, which was Hoss' choice. I think he was determined to pee pee at least once today in the potty. He was very excited and we had a big celebration consisting of jumping up and down, screaming, clapping and hugging! You would have thought we just won the lottery.

Here is the sticker chart with the first sticker.

And here is Hoss with his prize he picked out of the "surprise box" for pee peeing.

(When I asked him to say cheese for the camera he backed up against the wall and froze. Please ignore the mess on his shirt, he's a messy eater.)

8 tries, no success

Still no success yet. Hoss chose to conveniently use his pull up to complete his daily poopy business.

We have not had any more accidents other than the 2 from earlier today. While I am writing this Hoss is sitting on the potty beside me. He's been here through 4 books and is currently reading one to himself.

I guess I'll give him a few more minutes.

1:50p.m. and no success

It is currently nap time, but no one is asleep, yet. I put a pull-up on Hoss for nap time and he was clearly upset. He said, "pee pee in the potty." We discussed that after naptime he could put the big boy underwear back on, but since he has not peed in the potty at all today and has not at all since lunch, I'm not risking a naptime disaster.

Maybe we'll have success after nap time.


Uh oh, again

It happened again, seconds before lunch time. Pee Pee on the living room floor.

Still no pee pee in the potty.

*Sigh* This may be a long week.

Uh oh

We had our first accident. Pee pee on the floor of the bedroom. I should have known when Hoss ran to his bedroom and was there for 10 minutes SOMETHING was happening.

Hoss helped clean up the wet spot and we changed clothes.

Still no success on the potty.

Still trying

One more quick update before I start moving and get some housework.

Hoss is currently sitting on the potty for the 3rd time. We still have not had any success; however, we also have not had any accidents, so that, my friends is success!

Ok, Hoss just got off, still not peeing in the potty, but I'm going to go get him more to drink. The more fluid in, the more fluid out.

Here we go

The potty training has begun. I am currently sitting just outside the bathroom door as Hoss sits on the potty. This is the second time in 20 minutes he has sat on the potty. The first time was not successful; however, I am confident this time it will be successful.

When I asked him if he wanted to go to the potty he got down off the couch and ran to the bathroom.

He is wearing his new 'piderman big boy underwear and so far, no accidents, but he's only had them on for 30 minutes!

Hoss is still sitting on the potty right now. I'm hoping for success.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pee Pee in the Potty

Well, the time has come, it's finally here. Potty Training! Actually, we are venturing into Potty Training Bootcamp this week at our home. Starting Monday morning Hoss will be wearing "big boy underwear" and we will be going full force on pee pee and poopy in the potty.

We have been discussing the process a lot this weekend. We made a sticker chart with his favorite cartoon character, Sponge Bob, on it. (Let's not discuss the pros and cons of 2 year olds watching Sponge Bob, I am not a fan, but much to my chagrin, the kiddo LOVES the show. I mean LOVES it...if only you could see him when it comes on.) I have also purchased some prizes and we have a prize box, which Hoss calls the "Surprise Box."

He is excited and has been talking about going pee pee and poopy in the potty like mommy and daddy (and every other family member he can think of).

In order to ensure that this week is going to be as successful as possible, I took a week off from work. Since I assume I will be locked inside my home with an alarm sounding every 15 minutes for potty time, scrubbing accident stains from the carpet, and pulling my hair out as I think about how ridiculous this idea was, I plan to do some "live blogging." I need to have some type of connection with adults and reality this week, I hope blogging will help me in this adventure.

I don't really know how "live" the blogging will be, but I plan to have the laptop up and running all week in order to update regularly. I assume the majority of my blogging will be between 8a.m. and 5p.m. since I'll have to fight hubby for the computer once he is home from work.

So, if we succeed or fail miserably, the entire world wide web will know all about it. I'm sure when Hoss is 15 he will be SO incredibly excited to know every single detail of his potty training is available for everyone to read.

Isn't it great to be a parent?

See ya soon!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

We have winners!

Thank you all for participating in my giveaways this week. I have used the lovely generator to pick winners.

First, for the Fruit Roll-up winners, I will email your codes to you.
#10 -- morethanmommy (email only)
#13 -- lesha
#22 -- summer
#47 -- qtpies7

Second, here are the 15 winners for the Yoplait Kids Yogurt. I will email you to get your mailing address so I can mail these out to you. These will go out in the mail sometime in the coming week!

#3 -- kristi
#7 -- Michelle
#10 -- Brooke Lorren
#18 -- toystory (email only)
#19 -- bethany
#27 -- Tammy
#28 -- Marly
#29 -- Courtney (email only)
#32 -- Lilith
#43 -- smellyann
#47 -- stampedwithgrace
#55 -- elizabethf
#56 -- tiffany (yahoo email)
#62 -- pdrmoney (hotmail email)
#65 -- momto1g2b (email only)

Congrats to all the winners!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Giving back

I haven't posted much this week. I have been caught up in all the giveaways!

But now it's time to give back.

Compassion International is currently hosting the Bite Back campaign to provide mosquito nets to families in Africa, where malaria, carried by mosquitos, is rampant. It only costs $10 for one net. I just donated two. And you can too.

Go check out the Bite Back campaign and help prevent malaria.

Then, head over to Shalee's, wish her a happy birthday and enter to win another giveaway, for helping the Bite Back campaign.

It really is the least we can do.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Giveaway #2 -- Custom made fruit roll-ups

Guess what? I have another contest for y'all. If you haven't visited my first contest, go here and try to win some free yogurt.

This second contest is to win a $30 voucher to create your own Fruit Roll-ups. I have 4 codes for 4 winners.

Check it out here and then leave a comment to win.

You do not have to be a blogger to win, just be sure you leave me an email address so I can contact you. I will close comments on Saturday April 26th at 2p.m. EST and I will post the winners on Sunday!

If you don't win or if you want to order the fruit roll-ups before the contest ends, enter code Bloggy8 in order to get $8 off your order!

Good Luck! Don't forget to check out all the other giveaways!

Monday, April 21, 2008

UPDATE! Bloggy Giveaway -- FREE yogurt!

It is time again for the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival and as is my custom, I am posting my giveaway later than I anticipated. But it's a great giveaway with lots of winners!

If you are one of my few "regulars" then you know that I try to be frugal. My frugal attempts have been noticed and I have received 15 coupons for FREE (up to $3.63) ONE package of Yoplait Kids Cup Yogurt OR Yoplait Kids Yogurt Drink. This is my son's FAVORITE yogurt. Each coupon expires 10/28/08.

Rumor has it that I may receive more of these; however, at this time, I will give one coupon away per winner, which means I will have FIFTEEN winners!

To win, just leave a comment, BUT I have one request, leave one tip on how you try to be frugal (or how you would if you were trying to be frugal). If you don't leave a tip you will not qualify for the giveaway. You do not have to be a blogger, but be sure to put your email address in the comment so I have a way to contact you for your mailing address.

Comments will be closed on Saturday April 26th at 2p.m. EST. I will post the winners by Sunday April 27th!

So get ready to test your luck. Oh, but if you live in California, Idaho, Louisianna, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota or Tennesee, you may not be interested in this giveaway. The coupon is not good in those state. Sorry!

Good Luck! And don't forget to check out all the other giveaways here!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm grumpy

Sometimes I just want a day off from life. Actually, I'd really like a week off, or a month off.

*Sigh* I'm tired, grumpy, and my allergies are annoying.

On a more positive note, my kiddo cracked me up at nap time. He was lying on his bed saying, "G'night daddy, G'night Mommy, G'night G'ma, G'night Pap, G'night Gigi, G'night G'pa and on and on." I felt like I was in the middle of a Waltons episode.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Infomercial Extravaganza, Week 10

Once again I am late posting Infomercial Extravaganza. I'm sure you all have been waiting on pins and needles. I apologize for the delay, but I have had an insane day. For example, tonight at 7p.m. I noticed I had poured Hoss' allergy medicine this morning (12 hours earlier), but never gave it to him. *Sigh* That was just the beginning of the day.

Today I have a great clip from The Ellen Degeneres Show, my inspiration for Infomercial Extravaganza. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One decision made all the difference

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm the 1998 West Va. High School Journalist of the Year. Yes, that is right, I have training to write. I apologize Mrs. McCune, the display of "writing" which I have resorted to here is not to your standard, my only excuse is that it has been 10 years.

Last night I watched the new series on MTV, "The Paper."

What? You think I'm too old to watch MTV? Well, you are surely entitled to your own opinions, but I disagree! MTV is what keeps me young. It's how I remember all those dreams I had as a young woman, those dreams I passed on to fulfill yet another dream, to be a mother and a wife.

The show last night brought about so many memories of my high school days as I watched this reality show follow the lives of a group of high school journalism students.

I suddenly became reminiscent of my time spent all those years ago. Numerous nights I spent working, along with my journalism colleagues, after school hours to put out our award winning newspaper.

We took pride in our work and I set forth with dreams of a career in journalism. Then reality took over.

My dad has a career in journalism and I saw how he worked long hours on night shifts. He loved his job and took pride in it and I was certain I would as well, but I also had bigger dreams.

At the ripe age of 17 I knew what I wanted for my life. I knew I wanted to be a mother. I knew that if I was going to be a mother I could not see myself as a career woman, at least not in the journalism career. And so my plans changed.

I attended a small Christian college, received a degree in social work, and accomplished my goal to be a mother.

However, last night as I watched "The Paper," the adrenaline of a deadline, the excitment of finishing a great news story, the sounds of the newsroom, the familiar Mac computers, all came back to me.

It made me think, "What if?" What if I never changed my mind? Where would my life be now?

All I know is that I am happy with my life. The adorable red headed 2 year old in the other room makes it all worthwhile.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Growing up

My little boy is not so little anymore. He is growing like a weed. I think he may have grown an inch in the past month. Not only is he growing physically, but also verbally.

I love to listen to him talk. His favorite thing to do is to break out into song spontaneously. I get to hear "wheels on da bus go wound and wound," "twinkle, twinkle, wittle tar," "woah woah woah ur boat gen-we down da tream," and "wing 'round da osie pock full osies ashes ashes fall down" (of course while spinning in a circle and causing me to fear he is going to fall down too soon).

He has been having his toys talk in conversations lately. During bathtime he plays with a Diego bath toy. Recently we have been putting Diego to bed by using a bar of soap and the wash cloth. Each time we both have to kiss Diego "g'night." Last night Diego was not put to bed, but was wrestled in the bathtub. As Hoss was banging Diego into the side of the tub I said, "Oh, poor Diego, his head is going to hurt." Hoss immediately stopped, looked at Diego and said, "You 'kay Diego?" "I'm 'kay." Then looked at me and said, "Diego 'kay." He's so cute, even when he's banging his toys into the wall!

He just jumped up beside me as I type this and said, "Watcha doin' mommy?" He had to put down his Batman and Superman, who were lined up on the couch while Spiderman was held in Hoss' hand saying, "On ur mawk, get set, GO!" Too bad Batman and Superman didn't move.

I just love him!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Super Savings Saturday: CVS savings

I hit up CVS again this week. I only took one picture. I always forget until after I put away all my goods and well, once they are put away, why get them back out?

My first purchase included the above items.
I purchased:
2 Excedrin Migraine 24 ct -- $3.98
1 CVS Tylenol -- $3.99
1 Huggies diapers -- $8.99
1 Pull Ups -- $8.99
2 Desitin -- $5.98
2 Johnson baby wash -- $5.98
Total = $37.91
I used these coupons:
$4/$20 CVS coupon = $33.91
$2 off Huggies diapers CVS coupon = $31.91
$2 off Huggies diaper manuf. coupon = $29.91
$2 off Pull Ups = $27.91
2 $2 off Excedrin product = $23.91
2 $1 off Johonson products = $21.91
$1 off Desitin = $20.91
$14.97 in ECBs = $5.94
Plus tax = 1.02
Total out of pocket = $6.96
Earned $12 in ECBs
I realized I purchased the wrong CVS Tylenol and I returned that a few days later, getting $4.23 back, so my total for this trip was actually $2.73. By the way, has anyone seen the CVS rapid release Tylenol in their stores? I haven't seen it at all in mine yet.

2nd purchase:

1 Febreeze Fabric Refreshner - $3.99
1 Febreeze candle - $6.99
2 Swiffer refills -- $11.98
Total: $22.96
Coupons used:
$4/$20 CVS coupons = $18.96
$1 off 2 Swiffer refills = $17.96
.50 cents off Febreeze fabric refreshner = $17.46
$2 off Febreeze candle = $15.46
$12 in ECBs = $3.46
Plus tax .42 = $3.88 out of pocket
Earned $10 in ECBs

3rd purchase:
3 Covergirl Tru Blend makeup -- $20.97
Coupons used:
$4/$20 CVS -- $16.97
$17 in ECBs -- FREE
Earned $10 in ECBs

4th purchase:
1 Dove Body Cream -- $5.99
2 Sunsilk cremes -- $6.98
1 Sunsilk shampoo -- $6.98
1 Gillette Fusion razor -- $9.99
Total - $26.45
Coupons used:
$4/$20 CVS -- $22.45
2 $1.50 off Sunsilk -- $19.45
$2 off Sunsilk -- $17.45
$1.50 off Dove -- $15.95
$2 off Gillette razor -- $13.95
$10 in ECBs -- $3.95
Plus tax -- $4.70 out of pocket
$7 ECBs earned

I did not do as well as I would have like this week; however, I did get $128.54 for a grand total of $11.31. That isn't half bad, if I do say so myself! :)

To see other great savings, check out Super Savings Saturday at Money Saving Mom.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Free Toys? Is this a dream?

Two Weeks of Toys - Giveaway Event
Did you know that there is a 2 Week Toy Giveaway?

What? You didn't? Well, now you do. Click on the icon above or here and go register to win some toys! I love free stuff...and giveaways! :)

Good Luck. But don't forget about who told you about it!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Infomercial Extravaganza, Week 9

Whoops! I almost forgot about Infomercial Thursday. Never fear, here's a great one for ya! Because I am "dreaming of muscular stretching"

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

All it takes is a stick

The weather has been absolutely delightful here during the past few days. And we have enjoyed it.

Yesterday I took Hoss on a wagon ride around the neighborhood. Then we returned home and played with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Tonight Donnie and Hoss played outside on the slide and with a kickball.

Despite all the lovely toys Hoss will always find a stick and can play with it for hours. He will hit the ground, smack two sticks together, try to touch the trees with the stick, hit rocks, and just wave the stick in the air.

It's amazing how little it takes to entertain the child.

I can't wait for warm weather to be here permanently!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Super Savings Saturday -- CVS savings!

I hit it big with CVS this week. I did all my purchases in time to use the $5 off $15 coupon expiring on 3/31. For a grand total of $7.71 I purchased these items.

I was able to do this by making 4 separate purchases.

1st purchase:
2 Playschool Baby Wipes 240ct (only one is pictured) -- $14.98
2 Johnsons and Johnsons Buddies Soap -- $1.98
Total: $16.96
Used coupons:
$5 off $15 CVS coupon = $11.96
2 $1 off Playschool wipes = $9.96
2 $1 off Buddies item = $7.96
$4.98 in ECBs = $2.98
Plus tax = $3.34
Paid with CVS gift card
Earned $6 in ECBs for next purchase

2nd purchase:
2 Fabric Softner 64oz = $7
1 Scrubbing Bubbles 16oz = $2.99
1 Shout 22oz = $2.99
1 Windex 26oz = $2.99
Total: $15.97
Used Coupons:
$5 off $15 CVS coupon = $10.97
40 cents off Windex = $10.57
75 cents off Shout = $9.82
75 cents off Scrubbing Bubbles = $9.07
$6 in ECBs = $3.07
Plus Tax = $3.37
Used remaining gift card balance of $1.43 = $1.94, paid out of pocket
Earned $5 in ECBs

3rd purchase:
3 Softsoap Spa Body Washes = $14.97
Gillette shave gel trial size = .99
Total = $15.96
Used Coupons:
$5 off $15 CVS coupon = $10.96
$3 off $15 CVS Beauty purchase = $7.96
$6 in ECBs = $1.96
Plus tax = $2.08, paid for out of pocket
Earned $14.97 in ECBs

4th purchase:
2 Pringles = $1.98
1 Pampers diapers (for a gift) = $8.99
1 All Small and Mighty = $3.99
1 package of gum = .99
Total = $15.95
Used Coupons:
$5 off CVS coupon = $10.95
$1 off All = $9.95
$1.50 off Pampers = $8.45
$5 in ECBs = $3.45
Plus tax = $3.69, paid for out of pocket
Did not earn ECBs on this one, but I needed the items.

I saved a total of $63.46 (including sales off regular prices).

For more great savings check out Money Saving Mom.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Is this how I know that I'm getting old?

The following coversation was discussed in my house last night.

Me: I really want to see the movie, Leatherheads.

Me too.

Me: Maybe we should go tomorrow night.

Hubs: Let me check the movie times online.

A few minutes later

Hubs: The earliest time I can find is 7p.m.

Me: Are there not any earlier times?

Hubs: Let me keep checking. Nope, 7p.m. is the earliest.

Me: UGH. If we go at 7, we won't get out until after 9, then we won't be able to be home until around 10, after we go pick up Hoss (at the grandparent's house). That is so late. Hoss will be asleep and then he'll wake up on the way home and be a major grump. Maybe we can go some other time.

Hubs: Yeah, that is pretty late to be out.

At that moment I realized just how old we are. We don't even want to be out of the house past 8p.m. It's a sad reality.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

You better get Krogering!

I have decided that I LOVE coupons. It's my favorite hobby of all time. I also love stores that have awesome sales and this week Kroger is just that place for me. They are having a mix and match sale of which you can get $5 off your order when you buy 10 of the selected items. You can do this up to 3 times in one transaction. I was able to get $10 off today AND I used coupons. So what did I get? Well, of course I took a picture! I was brave and am showing you my kitchen floor. Luckily I cleaned it last weekend.

I did all of my weekly planned shopping and saved a total of $51.12, over 56%! I purchased all of the above for the grand total of $39.78.

Here is what I purchased:
2 Kroger BBQ sauces
2 Kroger pretzels
1 Pillsbury Pizza Crust
1 Betty Crocker muffin mix
2 Hot Pockets
1 Yoplait Kids Yogurt
2 Pillsbury Cresant rolls (4 pack)
3 Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls (5 pack)
2 Bertolli frozen meals
1 24 pack Kroger water
2 Cheezits
2 Fudge Stripes cookies
Kroger bread
Kroger buns
1 Goldfish crackers
1 Kroger toaster treats
1 package of pork chops
2 Kraft shredded cheese
1 Tyson ready to eat ham
1 Kroger applesauce
1 Betty Crocker potato mix
1 Kroger pizza sauce
1 Kroger microwave spaghetti
1 French's mustard
1 White Grape juice

A few of the items (the Cheezits, Fudge Stripe cookies and pretzels were purchased for the kids at church, if you subtract that amount then I only paid $31.78).

I think I will be going back. I have lots of great coupons to use! Except I can't buy anything else for my freezer. There is no room.

Yes, I believe it's time to consider purchasing a larger freezer. I had to take out the ice cube tray to fit everything in.

Get to Kroger people! And check out all the other great Kroger deals at Money Saving Mom. Run, don't walk.

Infomerical Extravaganza, Week 8

Donnie told me to look up this infomercial from back in the day. It was too great to pass up! Yo Blu Blocker!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WFMW -- Ice cream cake and pepperoni rolls

Today's Works for Me Wednesday has a theme, Greatest Hits Edition. When I was reviewing my choices I decided my best WFMW posts were about food. Which is rather fitting for me. So, here are two of those posts. Enjoy!

From January 31, 2007
Now I know that it is absolutely FREEZING in most parts of the country, but in case you are craving a great, easy and cheap ice cream treat here it is for ya!
Get a box of ice cream sandwiches. Line the bottom of the cake pan with the sandwiches and then apply hot fudge syrup and caramel on the sandwiches, then top that with cool whip and apply more fudge and caramel on the top of the cool whip, just enough to "decorate" it. Freeze this over night and it is a fabulous treat!
It has been a hit for me. It takes 5 minutes to prepare and is a cheap treat!

From February 21, 2007
Today's! I love to eat...which is obvious to those who know me....but I don't always like to slave over a hot stove for hours on end (and other times I don't mind it at all). Well here is a quick and easy recipe to enjoy.
If you like pepperoni pizza you will LOVE these pepperoni rolls. When I lived in West Virginia these were very popular and I just assumed everyone new about pepperoni rolls, but I was wrong. Now my homemade pepperoni rolls are not the best I have ever had, but they have fed many a group of friends or just me and my husband.
Ingredients: 2 packages of pepperoni (or 1 if you want to make less)
a 4-pack of biscuits in a can (I use the brown Pillsbury kind, dont get the big fluffy kind, get the small biscuits)
a bag of Mozzerella cheese
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Take one biscuit and flatten it out, put a bit of mozzerella cheese on top (I do a pinch and judge from there), then 2-3 pepperoni slices. Then roll up the biscuit into a crescent roll kind of shape, place it on a cookie sheet. If you use all 4 cans of biscuits, this will make about 40 pepperoni rolls. Cook these for about 12-15 minutes. When the bottoms turn brown they are done. Enjoy!

For more Works for Me Wednesday tips visit Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

There is always next year

I have some very wise fashion advice here ladies. Listen up and Listen up close!

If you want people to think you have lost weight then just buy some new clothes and stop wearing the old clothes you have "outgrown." It will be so interesting to hear dozens of people mention how you have lost weight when you know you have lost nothing.

Actually you are very well aware that the diet and exercising you were doing a couple months ago have long since fallen to the wayside and you are somewhat back to your old routines with a couple new healthy habits.

However, you really know that you need to get back to the health kick again, but you just can't do it. Nope, you just can't. So you just take the compliments from people with a smile. Then go home, sit on the couch with your laptop, eat a late night snack and watch Biggest Loser.