Thursday, August 16, 2007


We have a problem and I need help!

The youngest member of this family, you know the red headed 22 month old, he won't take a nap! Ever!

He used to be such a great napper and sleeper, until 2 weeks ago. When I took a week of work to stay at home and hang out with said red headed toddler, I greatly enjoyed the 2-3 hour naps each afternoon. However, when Jake returned to his regular routine the following week, he refused to nap.

Now Jake loves his time alone. He will sit in the crib and play for hours, but no sleep.

Let me tell you, this has resulted in the most cranky child come 6 p.m. Which, in turn, makes mommy cranky, which can make daddy cranky, and then just makes the child more cranky.

So right now, we are a bunch of cranky people.

Last night Jake went to bed at 7:15. And slept until 6:30 this morning. Today, he went to bed at 6:15, just minutes after he fell asleep in his high chair while eating dinner. I only hope he's not awake before 5 a.m. because I am pretty sure cranky mommy will be returning at that time of the morning!

So what can we do to fix this? I wish I knew.

One thing I do know, nap time better return soon!


Qtpies7 said...

The first thing you do is run to Walmart. Then you go to the kids section. Find the t-shirts with sayings on them. And buy the one that says "Naps are the enemy" because kids always have to prove you wrong! Or it will be the truth.
Sam barely naps at 9 months. Rarely naps more than an hour, and rarely even for an hour.

Jessica said...

B/c I am an expert on motherhood and have ALL the answers (HA) I think you should just keep on putting him in the crib at the same time just like normal. And be sure to tell him that it is nap time and he needs to lay down and rest. Madison went through a little time when she would just play but we just stayed with it and now she is back to her routine.

Have you checked to see if his 2 yr molars are coming in? They might be bothering him???? Or, just call your ped. and see what he/she says.

BTW - my word verification starts out EEK!!!! That is the truth when our babies don't nap!!!

supermommysquared said...

I agree with jessica. My daughter went through the same stage, and she finally went back to normal. I don't know how hard core you want to be, but I also don't let her have toys or animals in her crib if I hear playing. I guess you could say I threaten/bribe her :) But I am a meanie who owns it, so it is really what works for you.

Guinevere Meadow said...

I tried something similar to what Jessica suggested when Lance wasn't napping well. It took a few days of just putting him in his crib, but now he goes down quite well. He'll fuss and squirm for a little while, sometimes he'll play, but he'll eventually go to sleep.