Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WFMW -- Saving money at CVS Pharmacy

Keeping in step with my recent WFMW tips on ways to save money , here is one I have newly discovered. If you have a CVS Pharmacy store near you then immediately go sign up for their Extracare Card (you can sign up online for the card and it will come to you in the mail).

Here is how I have saved recently at CVS using the Extracare card.

Each week I get the newspaper, clip my coupons and scan the ads. The CVS ad (which can also be found online at their website) will tell you how you can earn Extracare Bucks (ECB) when you purchase certain items. For example, they may show several Proctor and Gamble items and say if you purchase $20 in these items you can get a $10 ECB. The ECBs print out on your receipt after you meet the requirement of what to purchase. You need to keep the receipt to redeem your ECBs (although, I have heard, but have not proven, that you can print out your unused rewards at the website). Also, you can register your card once you get it in the mail on their website (so they can email you specials) and you will get a coupon for $4 off a $20 purchase.

I just started this myself 2 weeks ago. I first had to earn my ECB rewards so I planned out what I was going to purchase in order to earn ECBs. I was able to earn $11 ECB rewards and all for purchasing items I had typically use (I even got Crest toothpaste for free, it was on sale for $1.99, I earned a $1 ECB and I used my $1 off coupon).

The next week I had to go try to find a great deal. Last week CVS has the deal that if you purchased $20 or more in certain Proctor and Gamble items you could earn $10 in ECB points (I have to keep earning the points in order to continue to save money!)
Here is what I purchased last week at CVS:

* 2 - 9 roll packages of Charmin toilet paper on sale for 2/$10
* 2 packages of Duracell batteries on sale for 2/$6
* 5 boxes of Puffs tissues on sale for 5/$5

My total (before tax) was $21

I was able to use a coupon I had, $5 off any purchase $20 or more, plus the $11 in ECB rewards I had earned the week before. This brought the total to $5

I then used 2 Duracell battery coupons of 75 cents off each, bringing the total to $3.50 before taxes.

PLUS I earned $10 in ECBs, which I plan to use this week, so in return CVS really paid ME $6.50 to shop at their store and purchase their items.

Now if that is not a deal, I don't know what is!

Trust me, I have this week's shopping mapped out to get some good CVS deals and earn $9 in ECB dollars.

ECB works for me! (that rhymed!) For more WFMW tips visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer.


Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

WOW! I can walk to a CVS from my house and I know they have great deals...I just don't know if I'm smart enough to track it like you do. You've got it down to an art, my friend! way to go! :-)

Guinevere Meadow said...

I usually use Walgreens, but that sounds like a great program!

Jessica said...

Guinevere -- I also use Walgreens. I have got some good deals there as well, just not as good as CVS! :) And I think we will need to get our hubby's loving kids, oh I mean, men!

Qtpies7 said...

That is really amazing, but I have never gotten it to work so well for me.
My dh needed some gloves to help clean a friends house that had halfway burned down last week. he stopped at a gas station and picked up the last two pairs of leather gloves. The teller rang them up and then walked away and brought back a manager. "These rang up for $.01 each." "Yes, they are being discontinued." So she grabs two pennies out of the little cup thingy and says "Enjoy your free gloves!" He was using the last of our cash until payday, so this was an amazing blessing!

Mrs. Who said...

I just signed up. Thanks for the info!

Lily said...

I save on my prescriptions by using the prescription discount card found at Doesn't help if you have insurance, but it's great if you don't.