Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 33

We had a great Thanksgiving as we visited with family! We traveled to my parents' home to celebrate. Hoss and I were able to stay a few extra days, but Donnie had to return home due to work responsibilities.

We celebrated my niece and nephew's birthdays and also had a family baby shower for me on Thursday evening. The shower was wonderful and I have some very gracious, giving family members! (Now we just need to organize/assemble everything!)

I had some pregnancy hallucinations and went to Wal-Mart at midnight on Black Friday. 8 months pregnant, fighting crowds for a few good deals and standing in line for over 30 minutes -- it definitely was not worth it. My dad was my chauffeur and if I had gone alone it would have been horrible with the snow and parking situation.

We were in and out in an hour, mostly due to my pure exhaustion. I completely overdid it and Baby Boy was letting me know. I went home and slept, only to go back out later on Black Friday -- then I went back home and napped!

The rest of my weekend was rather busy as well. Hoss and I traveled home on Saturday and when I got home my wonderful husband had pulled out the Christmas decorations and set up some of them. Since my husband is a bit of a grinch when it comes to Christmas, I knew he really was going out of his way to do this. And I really appreciated it! I spent Saturday evening finishing up the Christmas decorating. Sunday was busy with church, going to see the movie "Tangled" (which was very cute!) and then my nephew's 6th birthday party. I was happy to return to work on Monday just so I could rest a bit!

I feel tired from all the activities and things going on around me, but I have a mental to-do list a mile long that needs to happen in the next 5 to 6 weeks, plus all the holiday activities. I'm tired just thinking about it! But, it will all get done, it always does and I will try to rest in between!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 32

Apparently this little boy thinks he needs to compete with his big brother in the weight category. Hoss was 10lb 5oz at birth. This little one is not so little it seems. My ultrasound yesterday showed that my 32 week baby is measuring 35 1/2 weeks and is weighing in just over 6 pounds. People, my niece weighed less than that at birth! Heaven help me!

Since this baby is growing so quickly and does not appear to be stopping, we scheduled a c-section yesterday. So, 7 weeks from today, on January 11th, this baby boy will be born...that is if my body can hold in another huge baby that long. (I got to pick the day and I chose 1/11/11 purposefully! My c-section is scheduled for noon. I'm secretly hoping we get a late start and he is born at 1:11p.m. However, he is NOT allowed to weigh 11 lb 11oz).

Despite being big, Baby Boy is also breech, like his brother. He must really like his big brother because he sure is following his lead.

I've decided that being 5 years older and having another large baby is not working out for me. I don't remember the aches and pains in my hips when I was pregnant with Hoss as I am experiencing now. Other than that I don't have many complaints.

Well, except for the fact that my face looks like a 14 year old boy's as the acne is OUT OF CONTROL! I guess my hormones are on overload as my body is growing this HUGE child.

However, I am very thankful I have a growing, healthy baby (with chubby cheeks and fuzzy hair!). I would suffer through the pains and annoyances a million times over to get to be a Mommy!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving this week!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 31

The 3rd trimester is definitely here and I can feel it. This week I have experienced heartburn (so glad it has waited this long! It was horrible with Hoss.), fatigue (or more like a complete lack of energy), and aches and pains (mostly when I'm attempting to sleep which may explain some of the fatigue).

Oh, and I'm HOT all the time! Yesterday morning the temperature was 28 degrees when I left the house. I grabbed a sweater on my way out the door and actually thought -- this isn't that cold. I stopped and got a hot chocolate at the convenience store on my way to work (all sizes are 99 cents on Mondays!). As I drank that hot chocolate I just got hotter and hotter -- I almost started sweating! So glad it is cooler outside, otherwise I'd be a miserable mess right now!

I am starting to believe my doctor about the "big baby" diagnosis. This boy is growing like a weed, thus my belly is growing just the same. Again, this may be the cause for the above troubles. I'm anxiously anticipating my ultrasound next Monday which will determine just how big this kiddo is and help us to determine the birth plan. That c-section is starting to look more appealing.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 30

I've been sentimental this week, reminiscing about the days of Baby Hoss. I am excited to get to relive the adorable chubby fat rolls and all the 1st again -- 1st steps, 1st words, 1st solid foods, and on and on....

This got me wondering who Hoss looks more like and what this Baby Boy (who will be arriving in 10 weeks!) will look like. I think Hoss is a pretty good combination of my husband and me. He has my husband's eyes -- color and shape, but a lot of my facial features, like my nose, mouth, etc. Although, after looking at the pictures below I think he looks a lot more like my husband.

What do you think?




Look at all 3 of us showing off our 2 bottom teeth! :)

In other news, my 30 week appointment showed that Baby Boy is trying to give Hoss a run for his money in the weight category. My belly measured 34 1/2 weeks. Um, I should only be 30 weeks! YIKES! I have an ultrasound on the 22nd at my next appointment to see just how big this kiddo is. That VBAC is not looking so promising now.

Monday, November 8, 2010


I can't pass up a good contest to win something, so I wanted to share about the Christmas Giveaway going on at 5 Minutes for Mom. The contest begins today and goes through Nov. 30th.

I hate that Christmas sneaks up so quickly and commercialism always seems to want to skip the Thanksgiving season, but I'm starting to get into the gift giving spirit (plus, the stroller up for grabs in today's giveaway is enticing me!).

You can go enter as well, just click on the button or visit 5 Minutes for Mom.


Each prize given away to a winner will also be given to a family in need through the Under the Tree promotion. Check it out as well!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Merry Christmas!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 29

The hormones have lessened, slightly. I'm trying to rein them in, but as we all know, that can be very difficult. I don't like feeling as if I don't have control and these hormones are making me feel as if I'm losing control.

Otherwise, life is treking on. Baby Boy is growing and growing. I have noticed a change in the belly region over the past few weeks and I am finally looking pregnant instead of just fat! :) Hopefully I will get a good belly shot this week and post that for you all next week.

My mom came over this past weekend and helped clean around my house. She did all those chores I hate doing, like cleaning the blinds and cleaning the carpets! I am so grateful for her help! Now I just need to do some major cleaning in the kitchen and organizing the baby items and we will be set.

A great friend very kindly purchased us a stroller and car seat combo at a local Goodwill. It is this one and he paid 90% less than the retail price. It is only a year old and in great condition! I was thrilled! We just need to get a second carseat base and we will be set!

So, thanks to great friends and family, we have been very blessed this week!

My favorite Christmas cards!

I have always enjoyed sending Christmas cards and showing off my adorable red headed kiddo to my friends and family. Since having Hoss I have opted for photo Christmas cards. I have purchased the cards in which you put a photo on the front, I have included photos inside traditional Christmas cards and I have made photo cards.

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