Saturday, August 4, 2007

Oh've got mail!

Rhonda must have moved with us.

At our last home, we received mail for Rhonda, who also had our last name. I would continuously indicate on the mail that Rhonda did not live at our address; however, we continued to get her mail.

I even called the post office three times and we still got Rhonda's mail. Usually it was just her junk mail.

Thursday we got another piece of junk mail for Rhonda. AT OUR NEW ADDRESS!!

I can't believe that Rhonda moved with us!

This time it was a Lillian Vernon catalog.

And today we got another similar catalog, for Rhonda!

I guess when I completed our change of address for Jessica and Donnie, somehow Rhonda's name jumped on there too.

Although I don't believe I put it there.

Rhonda, whoever you are, if you want your Lillian Vernon magazine you probably need to check with the post office.


Qtpies7 said...

My sister in law gets our mail, but its probably becuase my husband lived there for 6 months while we were moving. But why do we get HER mail at our house? We don't even live in the same town, lol. And she's never lived in this town!

Jessie said...

Sometimes I wonder if Lisa Terashima is missing her mail. Apparently she went to Ohio University and bought a Dell computer. Some of her junk magazines are fun...maybe I will start returning everything to the post office. I am trying to sut down on my own junk mail (800 numbers on the back to get off of mailing lists) - I don't want hers too!