Saturday, June 16, 2007

Operation Rodent GO AWAY!!! is underway

It is official...we have a mouse among us! Well, I hope it is just a mouse.

As I mentioned earlier this week, we heard the rodent scratching noise, but we refused to enter the kitchen to check out the situation because we are chickens!

Last night the noise was heard again by the bigger of the two chickens (I'll let you determine who that is!). Of course the situation was not surveyed at that time, but this morning the lesser of the two chickens found this in the kitchen:

I guess rodents like chocolate too. No wonder they like my kitchen!

With our rodent theory confirmed, the family left the house this morning and went to Wally World to purchase something similar to this.

Here is our version.

These came two in a package and you better believe I plugged both of them in around the kitchen. Let's just hope this works. If not, Operation Rodent GO AWAY!! may become Operation Let's just RUN AWAY!


Ang said...

Mice...oh my. Yeah, I don't do so well w/ rodents. Eww. Hope that you had a great weekend, and that you're loving your new home :)

Your post also reminded me of the ants in Dorcas our fresh year... so creepy!

Janelle said...

Last night I was coming up from the basement doing laundry and my husband was hunched down by the stove and when I asked what he was doing he was setting a mouse trap! I immediately thought of you!

Apparently my sister had seen the mouse the day before and it just looked at her, not afraid at all, and then made his appearace again last night to just look at Tim.

Keep us posted on if those things you got work. For both of us I hope they don't invite friends!

Jeffrey Goude said...

Was your “Operation Rodent GO AWAY” a success? Rodents do like anything that is left open and dirty. To prevent them from going in your house, make sure there are no cracks and holes in your walls and floor, and remove anything that could be a source for their food. Jeffrey @