Monday, August 31, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week 34

I got another 5 pound star tonight at Weight Watchers as I reached a total of 80 pounds lost with the 2.2 pounds I went down this week.

This makes 13 weeks in a row that I have lost weight. I'm hoping I won't ruin it over the Labor Day weekend. Since Monday is a holiday, I am planning on finding a Tuesday Weight Watchers meeting to attend next week.

This week marks the start of BlogapaLOSEa. If you are interested in joining, they are allowing people to enter until September 6th, so go sign up. You can check out all the rules and details here. I'm definitely in it to win it. I would love to lose at least 20 pounds to hit the 100 pound mark by Thanksgiving.

Part of the rules of participation for BlogapaLOSEa is to post a weekly picture of yourself. So, here is mine. It is definitely not attractive. Next week I'll try not to spill my dinner on my clothes and take a picture in something other than poorly fitting work out clothes.

See y'all next week!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Perty by Thirty week 33

Wow! Has it really been 33 weeks since I started this journey? I guess it really has been. It still amazes me that I've stuck with it this long. And I am going to keep sticking with it until I reach my goal. What a day that will be!

This week I lost 1.4 pounds bringing my total to 77.8. Not too shabby considering I ate everything I could get my hands on all day Friday. I even ate at IHOP! Seriously, that could have been enough to doom me for good. But then I went to the State Fair on Saturday and even though I really, really wanted a corn dog and a funnel cake I skipped them. If I hadn't rode a Ferris Wheel I may not have remembered I was even at a fair. I did eat some fried potatoes and real! chocolate! ice cream! that I was supposed to share with the kiddo, but, well, I ate about 9/10ths of it. I couldn't let it go to waste and after the headrush the child acquired after bite number 5, he turned his interest back to the popcorn.

I have been considering my motivation to keep going lately and I talked more about that over here yesterday. And, I have found my most recent motivation, contests! I have learned that if I have a short term goal, I am most successful. Once again, I stumbled upon a weight loss contest and I'd love for any of you who are interested to join. It is BlogapaLOSEa. You can check out the info here.

Beginning next Monday I will be posting weekly about my progress in the BlogapaLOSEa contest. I will even be posting a weekly picture of my progress! Yikes! I am setting my goal at 22.2 pounds. That will put me at 100 pounds lost by Thanksgiving! I would really like to lose more than that in this time frame and it may happen, but I need a reasonable, reachable goal, so hitting the 100 pounds total lost by Thanksgiving will be it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week 32

I went shopping yesterday and was thrilled to purchase 3 new shirts in size 1X. If you only knew how thrilled I was in the dressing room. I did a little happy dance in the tiny room. Since I never could have considered wearing anything other than a 3X for years, I was on top of the world.

Then I went home and stepped on my scale. I've decided my scale is either a) broken, b) old, or c) a motivator. My scale typically always reads at least 3 pounds heavier than the scale at Weight Watchers. And it send me into a frenzy about the fact that I have gained weight. How could that have happened? I followed my points perfectly. I didn't even use very many of my extra points. I even exercised.

Well, luckily my scale is never right. Eventually I'll remember that, but I'm okay with the broken scale. I need all the motivation I can get.

This week I lost 1.2 pounds.

I was reviewing my book that holds all my past weigh-ins and I was pleased to see that I have not gained any weight for 11 weeks.

I'm working toward week 12 now.

I also posted here today about my weight loss journey.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week 31

I have to say I was a bit surprised with today's outcome at the scale. I decided to wear a very light weight dress specifically for my weigh-in. I was afraid it wasn't going to be pretty. I didn't do horrible with my eating this week, but I did not exercise hardly at all. I thought about exercising, but that just didn't get me up and moving. So, when the scale showed I had lost 3.2 pounds, I was thrilled.

I was also very excited about losing enough to push me over the 75 pound mark. I was able to add my 75 pound magnet along side my 25 and 50 pound magnets on my refrigerator. I am sure they will have to create me a 150 pound one when I finally hit that goal sometime next year.

And those clothes I mentioned a couple weeks ago, well, I fit into them now. I actually wore two pairs of the pants this weekend. I also retired some that were extremely baggy and really needed to be put to rest. Soon I will be heading out to start fall shopping. I'm very excited about possibly dropping another size. After all, I am 4 sizes smaller right now. That's 8 numbers.

Did you see that? EIGHT NUMBERS! That's all the motivation I need.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week 30

I figured out the secret for me. I must exercise. I was off work on a staycation last week and I had difficulty finding time to exercise. Hoss was with me throughout the week and we had VBS at church each evening. By the time we got home it was dark outside and I was exhausted, so exercising did not come easily.

The scale showed the lack of movement as it barely moved itself. At least it did go down, by .2 pound. Better than a gain! I am determined to get back into exercising this week and to see a larger loss next week.

I am only 10 pounds away from my halfway point. That is very exciting and I am hoping to get there by mid September. I would actually like to meet that by September 14th, to be exact. No specific reason for that day, but just seems to be a reasonable goal.

Well, I am off to get moving. See ya next week!