Saturday, April 14, 2007

Glasses of Steel??

My favorite thing about Hoss' little glasses is watching him take his chubby toddler hand and push his glasses up to the top of his nose. He will take his full open hand and push in the middle of his glasses when they begin to slide down his nose. Oh, I wish you all could see it. It is so precious.

My least favorite thing about Hoss' little glasses is when he breaks them. He has had his glasses for barely 6 months and we replaced the first set of frames in February. Now, once again, we will be replacing this set of frames. They warned me about this when I bought the first set of frames in November, but you gotta live and learn.

I guess this time I will have to try to find some steel frame glasses...anyone know where those can be found?

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Ang said...

Hey Jess! Jake handling his glasses sounds too cute :) I'll ask at work what material it is, but there is a frame material that is bendable, very flexible, and doesn't break very easily. I know in adult frames, it's kinda pricey... but it would be so worth it to have a little more time w/ a frame for Jake. I'll let you know tomarrow about it :) Hope that it will help you out.