Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday -- Kid Music

Today's Work for Me Wednesday theme is the Car Edition. Hoss does pretty good traveling. We always provide him with toys to play with and I try to schedule our long distance traveling for nap time so possibly he will fall asleep. But for those times when the toys are no longer fun and the nap is over my precious little man becomes upset. When the crying begins and the snacks are out I just pop in a kid cd in the car's cd player and instantly he is a happy kiddo. Well, most of the time. Not every cd works, but his favorite Cd is the Backyardigans. As soon as he hears the first note of the theme song he is smiling and laughing. I discovered this by chance on a 4 hour car ride, not scheduled during nap time! My husband has also burned a cd for Hoss that has several of his favorite characters singing. That is always the back up if the Backyardigans cd is MIA.

So there you have it...get a favorite TV show's cd and make your kid's day (or atleast give yourself another 45 minutes of driving without a screaming toddler!)

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Guinevere Meadow said...

Hmm. I have a CD of lullabyes that I play for Lancelot during naptime, but I think that if I played it in the car, I would fall asleep too. Hopefully when he gets older I'll be able to use your strategy!