Sunday, April 1, 2007

Easter Fun -- all weekend long

We have been participating in the Easter traditions of dying eggs and Egg Hunts this weekend.

We went to the Easter Egg Hunt at church yesterday. Yes, there was candy and some eggs to go along with it! Hoss picked up one egg and was done with the egg hunting and took off running toward the propane tank behind the church. I guess he's been eyeing it and he had a prime opportunity for attack yesterday! We pursuaded him to get a few more eggs...

Today I decided to try to dye eggs with Hoss even though we won't be hiding or hunting these. I just could not resist tackling some egg dying with a 17 month old...maybe I am crazy?

No, this is not Hoss's is mine. I was the one who got messy...he had no interest in the dying or decorating process of the eggs. Just in trying to demolish them...

Here is Hoss saying, "Oh No!" when he would drop the eggs on the I said, demolishing them!

Maybe next year he will be the messy one and not me!

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Guinevere Meadow said...

Oh, I've forgotten how much fun it is to dye Easter Eggs! I suppose I should wait another couple of years, though. At least one year. I don't think a 4-month old would have any fun at all watching Mom dye eggs. lol!