Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Rain Dance

My 2 year old nephew approached my sister last week, moving his shoulders up and down, waving his arms occassionally, and stomping. She asked him what he was doing and he said, "Rain Dance."

She asked him where he learned to do the "Rain Dance" and he said at "Gigi and Grandpa's house."

He told her that "Aunt Jess (Me), [Hoss], and Uncle Don (hubby)" also did the rain dance, along with "Gigi" (my mom).

(I have no recollection of such dancing, nor does "Uncle Don" or "Gigi." I am sure we would remember, seeing as to how we have NEVER participated in rain dancing.)

My nephew then told my sister, "I do good Rain Dance! It rain outside." It had been raining all.day.long when he was doing his rain dance.

The imagination of a 2 year old ceases to amaze me!

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Qtpies7 said...

Oh, yes, the imaginations of kids. My friends son won't let you use his name, you have to figure out who he is each time you see him. Usually its captain Hook, but often its Farmer or Santa Claus.