Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It must be our week...

So every Tuesday hubby comes home and asks if we got the TV Guide. Yes, we know exactly what day the TV Guide comes. It's the little things in life!

Well, no TV Guide in the mail today! We joke that it's our week for the postal service worker to read our copy! Every Tuesday we check our mail so excited, waiting for that new weekly TV Guide. I don't subscribe for the tv listings. Oh no, why would I do that? I like to subscribe for the weekly suduko puzzle and the crossword (even though I have to ask Donnie every other question) plus all the tv gossip. Donnie on the other hand does subscribe for the tv listings. He checks the TV Guide daily to plan his TV viewing for the evening.

It's beneficial. We know when shows are on re-run, we know when those "forgotten" shows are on. You know, the shows that we love to watch, but they aren't on the main 4 stations so we forget. Tonight we are getting to enjoy one of those shows, "Dog the Bounty Hunter." It's a guilty pleasure. I love it...plus it's a new season, episodes I haven't seen before...gotta love that! And the TV Guide told me all about that.

Who would have thought that it was worth more than just the suduko, crossword and gossip! I guess hubby did! I knew I should keep him around for something!