Friday, February 2, 2007

Glasses, Glasses, Glasses!

My 15 month old son wears glasses. He has since he was barely 13 months (he is severely farsighted). He has done great with the glasses. The first couple weeks he would pull them off a lot and did not like to wear them, but he eventually got used to the new face-wear and now he does not bother them much -- only when he is sleepy or if his eyes itch. It has been a great accomplishment, actually one of my better mothering feats in my opinion! I have protected "the glasses" as if they were gold, after all they were not cheap in any fashion and my pockets are very deep (they might as well be gold, they cost just as much!).

Yesterday we had a glasses disaster.

We live in an apartment and have to park a few miles away from the apartment (ok, not really, but in 10 degree winter weather and with a toddler it can feel like it). Yesterday I arrived at home and gathered the 700 items of the kiddo's and then I grabbed the mail and my purse and all the other belongings. Needless to say, I had my hands full. When I went around to get Hoss Cat out of the carseat I realized he had pulled his glasses off. I found them on the side of the seat and put them in the outside pocket for the diaper bag. Safe for now, or so I thought! I decided since Hoss is walking so well and because he weights 28lb 7oz (he just had a check-up, I don't own a doctor's scale!) I would let him walk to the apartment door. So I helped him stand up outside the car and balance and then I let go of him...MISTAKE! He immediately took off through the parking lot. I grabbed the "belongings" and raced after him. I was able to catch him before any disasters occured and we walked to the apartment.

Upon entering the apartment I stripped the toddler of all his winter apparel (it was 10 degrees, there was a lot of apparel), put away all the "belongings," and then skimmed over the mail. Then I realized he needed to have his glasses back on. So I grabbed the diaper bag, no glasses. Then I grabbed my purse and actually turned it upside down and dumped it on the kitchen table, no glasses. I searched my coat pockets, all over the house, and I finally realized the glasses just weren't there.

Enter the husband, home from work. He enters to me frantically looking for the glasses with tears in my eyes. I can't believe I lost them! I JUST had them! So the husband turns around and scours the parking lot. He enters 5 minutes later, no glasses! I am in full blown panic mode by this time! I decide I am going to go look myself (I wear glasses, my husband does not, I MUST have better eyesight!). So I go down, walking slow, looking everywhere I could imagine, in bushes, under cars and then I find them! Sitting all alone under a carport. We never walk under the carport, but that just so happened to be where I chased the kiddo when he took off in the parking lot. They were safe and sound, no injuries and returned to the beautiful face of the toddler!
This entire scenario reminded me of the movie "Parenthood" starring Steve Martin. At one point the parents search through all the trash cans and the dumpster of a pizza restuarant (imagine Chuckee Cheese) when their son accidentally threw away his retainer. I really was 1 minute away from doing this myself!

He's only 15 months old...I still have years of these panic attacks to look forward to. These are the blessings to count! After all, look at this face:

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Qtpies7 said...

Two years in a row my dd's glasses got broken at the churches New Years Eve bash, lol.
We have great insurance, for the first pair a year. I just can't imagine not caring for your glasses because I can't even go to the bathroom without mine because I am BLIND. Drives me nuts that she takes them off. Although they'd break playing dodgeball if she didn't.