Thursday, April 12, 2007

Locked Out

In order to prevent toddler hands from finding items that are not appropriate for toddler hands, we keep several doors in our home closed and have a baby gate up over the kitchen entrance.

One of these doors that is closed is our bedroom door. Last night as I was preparing to go to bed I attempted to enter my bedroom. I say attempted because the door was locked. We never lock our bedroom doors and we could not figure out how this happened. Plus we didn't have a key or anyway to get in to the room. And it was 11:15 p.m. We can't be busting down bedroom doors at that hour on the second floor of an apartment building!

So we did the next best thing! Hubby and I got a screwdriver and attempted to poke it through the small hole in the knob to unlock the door. After 5 minutes of determination, we were unsuccessful.

The door hinges are on the inside of the door, so removing the door was out of the question. Hubby decided to get a butter knife and attempt to open the door. Well, praise God he has opened a door or two in his life in this manner (I didn't ask when or why...sometimes it's better not to know!).

When we entered the bedroom we tried to figure out how the door became locked. The lock is a simple push-the-doorknob-in type lock and there were a couple shirts on hangers on the back of the door (yes we have a closet, but why use that when we have great doorknobs to hang clothes on!). Earlier in the day Hoss had been in the room and as hubby was herding him out of the room Hoss grabbed the hangers and pulled on them. We think that some of his jiggling with the hangers caused the door to lock.

Whatever the case was, the fact was that I was locked out for 10 minutes but due to the breaking and entering skills of my dear spouse I was able to sleep soundly on my bed!

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Janelle said...

Sometimes husbands with a colorful past can be the most useful... Not that I speak from personal experience or anything :-)