Thursday, April 26, 2007

I promise, I do wash my clothes!

Monday I went to Chick-fil-a for lunch with a co-worker. While we were there a few women from the church I attend came in for lunch as well. We exchanged our Hellos and then we went our separate ways.

As I was leaving Chick-fil-a to return to work I had a moment of panic. I was wearing the exact same outfit I had worn the day before to church. In my defense, I had washed it, but just thought it was perfect for work on Monday morning so I put it on again.

I hope they didn't notice, but I have a feeling they did since I had plenty of face time with 2 of them on Sunday as they were in the nursery and Jacob was not in the best mood and needed a little "mommy time" before church.

I guess I can continue with my life and move on...maybe! I just need to be sure not to wear the same outfit again on Sunday!


Rebecca said...

you dork!

but i still love you

(p.s. i did that very same thing last week- had very similar feelings- shhh-don't tell)

Qtpies7 said...

I don't wash my clothes each and every time. It wears them out, and if they aren't dirty, why would you wash them? Besides, how many people wear their Sunday clothes all day?

And I'm really a dork, because today I am wearing my shorts to church that I wore to church yesterday, lol. It should mostly be different people, because we are taking directory pics, but I sit behind a table anyway. Oh, and I really don't care, I have 7 kids, my dryer is broken, and it is 80 degrees out! I don't have my shorts unpacked yet, I just bought these.
Wear your clothes in pride, your conserving water and wear and tear on your clothes! Well, I guess not if you washed it, hehe, but they don't know that.