Thursday, April 5, 2007


How did this happen? Tuesday it was 80 degrees, Hoss even wore shorts, and now today it is 40 and the winter coats have been pulled back out of the closet. I guess it was too soon to shove those away for the season.

I know it is colder in other parts of the country and world, but bbrrrrrrr..... this girl was not interested in putting on a coat again for a few months. It's a good thing Hoss has a long sleeve outfit for Easter, it is going to be C-O-L-D! Maybe even snow (which I saw flurries here in KY today).

Darn Arctic air! Keep it in the Arctic, we don't want it!


Laura said...

Ugggghhh, I hear you!! I want winter to be over now! But we (I live in PEI, would think we would expect continous cold weather) are expecting a winter storm for Easter! We can look forward to close to 6 inches of snow Sunday morning...Yuck

Janelle said...

I hear ya! It snowed off and on all weekend for us! We hunted Easter eggs inside this year.