Sunday, July 15, 2007

A cozy place for an afternoon nap!

We had a little visitor on our back porch this afternoon.

As I walked into the kitchen I saw this through the back door.
Isn't he cute? (or she, we didn't get that personal).

We don't have any pets. The men in the family are allergic to animals with fur or "dander" and we have not ventured into the hairless pets yet. I think that I have been banned from caring for pets which can not make their presence known to me when I allowed my poor fish to freeze to death during the 2003 ice storm.

Well my little feline friend was not so friendly and must have heard about the fish incident of 03. He woke up when I tapped the window (imagine that!) and ran off. I put out some tuna because I thought he may come back and kill all those uninvited rodents which may be lurking around these parts!

Unfortunately he must not be a tuna fan, or else tuna in 90 degree heat is not so appetizing.

(Please excuse the poor wilting flowers in the picture, the 90+ degree heat is killing them; however, I watered them soon after taking the picture and they have returned to healthy beautiful flowers, for now!)


Rebecca said...

it looks as though the cat may have been about to enjoy the plastic (i assume it's plastic) ice cream cone :-)

Janelle said...

The flowers are fine! It's hard to keep up with the watering since we don't seem to get much help in the form of rain this summer.

Qtpies7 said...

Those flowers would be concidered extremely healthy if they were living with me! They'd soon be a nice shade of black, though.
My husband just brought home a second RODENT as a pet for our dd yesterday. I don't know what he's thinking, but its his daughter. Any of them get what they want if they want it long enough.