Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Ladies' Man, road trip, VBS...

This weekend has been a bit of a blur for me.

Yesterday we visited the Aquarium. Jake seemed to enjoy his time there. He was a fan of the sharks and the penguins. Or maybe that was me...Jake just watched all the animals intently.

After the Aquarium we visited some friends of ours and their newest addition, "baby aya" as Jake would call her. Let me tell ya, seeing a baby who is of "normal" size is amazing to me. "Baby Aya" is 2 1/2 months old and not even to the weight Jake was when he was born. I tell ya folks, I gave birth to a 3 month old!

Today we had our regular morning church activities. I stuck around after church for awhile getting my classroom set up for VBS this week.

Once I got home I put Jake down for a nap so we would have a happy kid at VBS instead of cranky pants. When I woke him up (which hurts my soul...I hate waking a sleeping kid...and Jake hates it too) to get dinner in his belly and to head to VBS, I recognized that Jake had a HUGE blue knot on his forehead.

This was not present before naptime, so I only assume that he injured himself during nap time. Bless his heart, this kiddo must have my clumsy gene. If he can injure himself in his sleep, he's definitely my child. Seesh!

While at VBS Jake joined his class and I taught my class for the 4-5 year olds. I was actually impressed with the level of attentiveness the kiddos gave me. I hope they stay that way throughout the week!

Apparently, Jake's knock on the head has turned him into quite the ladies' man. He was picking up women left and right tonight! As he was outside playing, a couple kids and their parents were outside the fence of the play area at church. Jake stood at the fence and said "Hi!" to the girls repeatedly.

Later, one of the little girls in his class decided Jake was her boyfriend (maybe she was jealous of his moves on the other women and decided to make her move). She would take his hand and lead him around everywhere. During music class, the two danced the twist. Folks, it was simply precious.

My bruiser is gonna be a heart breaker.

Sorry girls, he's already taken...he's stole my heart!


Jessie said...

I didn't know Jake was so big when he was born! I don't know a lot about what you went through and what happened with him...I only know it was hard.
It sounds like you had a grat trip to the aquarium. I wish we had places around here like that. So sad...
So, Jake's pickin up the ladies! Woohoo! ALREADY! Better watch out later, huh?!

Jessica said...

Hey Jessie...yes, Jake was 10lb 5oz at birth. Here's a link to his birth story I wrote about before you want to read it.

I need your email...I don't have it anymore I guess. You can email me at dontgivehimcracker at hotmail dot com

Qtpies7 said...

Welcome to the world of having a ladies man....... its not so fun sometimes, but so cute when they are little!