Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh Water, Where Are You???

Tonight when I was preparing to give Jake his bath I realized we have no water!

I immediately got on the phone to the water company.

To make a long story short, when I set up our water here at our new home BACK IN MAY they entered my address incorrectly and said that I live in WEST VIRGINIA...where I have not lived since 1998...and not even in a town I have ever heard of.

Apparently they turned off our water today because there was not a current account at this residence and it only took me getting hung up on once and having to call back and then being on the phone for a total of 41 minutes to figure that out.

And to be told that they can't turn our water back on until tomorrow! WHAT??? This was not MY fault, this was the crazy person who set up my account's fault.

No matter how nicely or crazily I asked the water won't be on until tomorrow.

So tomorrow my poor co-workers will just have to wear nose plugs since I can't shower...which is a daily requirement for myself.

I have been eyeing the 24 pack of bottled water and that may be how I "bathe" tomorrow.


So to you water the wrong state...who turned off my water...and hung up on me...and kept me on hold for 30 minutes...

Just be glad I'm not PMSing.


Pam said...

Not having water is a huge bummer. When we lived in Guam, we lost water all the time and didn't know when it would be back. Very inconvenient!

Qtpies7 said...

We have water, just no HOT water as of yesterday. And no gas for our stove.
Long story, but we can't get it on right away either.
Isn't that fun!?! Not!

Jessica said...

So sorry! What a pain!

On a lighter note... what do you think of BB8? Who's your favorites?

Qtpies7 said...

Umm, what is BB8? LOL I'm out of the loop or something.