Friday, July 20, 2007

Creative bathing!

Well preparing for the day without water was interesting this morning. If you have no idea what I am talking about, scroll down and read the previous post!

Hubby got up and took Jake to his parents' house and he showered and got ready there. Apparently my MIL was not a fan of his wrinkled work clothes so she ironed them. I guess it's good someone likes to iron since I am not a fan!

I only had to use 6 bottles of water while I kneeled beside the bathtub to wash my hair. I used another bottle to brush my teeth and "bathe." It's a good thing we had all that water!

Despite the makeshift bathing I feel relatively clean, which is good for me...and my co-workers!

Hopefully when I stop by home in a few minutes for my PB&J lunch I will find the water back least I hope so.

If I have to call the water company again, it may not be so pretty!


Ang said...

Wow! You handled the phone company a LOT better than I would/could have! No better way to end and begin your day (jj)... no water for the all so important little boy bathtime and beginning the next day w/ a hillbilly bath.

Your MIL sounds a whole lot like mine!! (She was ironing one day, Mikey looked up and said, 'Grandma, what's that?'- yeah, i've never lived that one down!He didn't know, because, well, I don't think that I have an iron right now...wait, I do, it's under my car seat)If this tells you anything, she likes to iron her scrubs (and can't understand why I don't...)

Have a great weekend! I'm hoping for a day trip to KY today!

Janelle said...

I admire your resourcefulness!