Saturday, July 14, 2007

The walking, blogging advertisement

As you may have noticed I have an advertisement at the top of my page now.

I thought I would join the world of Google's advertising, plus they emailed me and offered!

I'm not supposed to tell you anything about the ad or to do anything when you see the ad, but if you find it interesting then use that fake rodent thing attached to your computer and push the left button.

Anyway, I have noticed the advertisements correspond with the content on my blog. Just before I began to write this blog the ad was for Coupons, imagine that! I have also seen ads for CVS (I should get compensation for plugging them!), 4th of July activities (well after the 4th of July) and yesterday I laughed out loud when I saw the ad for oil changes.

I'm tempted to write blogs about funny things to get funny ads. I have promised, back on my 100th post to tell you about the WWE infatuation of my husband and the Valentine's day fun we had a few years ago. I wonder if that will trigger some type of wrestling ads, hmmm.

Do any of you have ideas? Of course nothing "bad," just good, clean funny ideas! Or have you had any interesting ads on your blog?

Edited to add: When I published this post the ad at the top of the page was stated "Prepare to be Shocked!" and was an advertisement for Real how did that get on there? It must have been my mention of blood pressure medicine!


Guinevere Meadow said...

I've never seen an ad on your page. There's not one there now. Very weird. Maybe my browser thinks it is a pop-up and is blocking it? I dunno.

Jessica said...

Now I am very interested in these ads...the ones I am seeing are a small rectangular box at the top of the page, under the three large dots. It stays at the top of the page. It is a very small box that just has words in it and says "Ads by Google."


Qtpies7 said...

Its motor oil for me!
I have an account with them, but when I switched to the new blogger, they disappeared and I can't log into google ads to get it back up. I decided if they were going to be difficult I was just not going to bother!

Jessie said...

I've never noticed the ad until you mentioned it. I will have to make sure I see where it would take me if I click on it! Funny!

Rebecca said...

are those the ones you get paid for???

Jessica said...

yep...those are the ones.