Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday --- Curing Toddler Boredom

Today's Works for Me Wednesday has a theme -- How to cure kids' boredom. For more tips go check out other ideas (we all need them, especially in the summer!) at Rocks in My Dryer.

I have 2 quick tips.

First, is a book I purchased, The Everything Toddler Activities Book. This book has ideas to entertain your 18-40 month olds. It has games to play inside and out, crafts to make, songs to sing and great way to entertain your young ones. It helps me come up with ideas to do with Jacob...sometimes I get in the same rut of playing the same games, singing the same songs and reading the same books. This gives me new and fresh ideas!

Second, Regal Cinemas have free movies in the summer for kids of all ages! These are G or PG rated movies, but are not first run movies. If you have a Regal Cinema nearby go check out the website to see if your theater is holding the free movies. The times are not listed for my local theater, but I anticipate that these are held in the morning/afternoon hours. I am planning to take Jacob (it would be his first movie, I figure if he can't sit still we can leave, it was free after all) at the end of July when I have a week's vacation.

Don't forget to go see other ideas to cure the summer boredom of your kids!


Overwhelmed! said...

Sweet! Thanks for these tips! :) I'm going to check and see if we have a Regal Cinema in our area.

Guinevere Meadow said...

I'll have to check out our local Regal Cinema. Free movies would be great! I'll have to save that book title until Lancie is a bit older. Thanks for the tips!

Cherie said...

I attended the free movie today at our local theatre! It was great!