Thursday, June 14, 2007

There may be a mouse in the house

Monday night as Donnie and I were sitting in the living room we heard odd scratching noises coming from the kitchen.

We both froze.

Since we have moved to our new home we are not used to hearing noises. At our apartment we would have just passed off an odd noise as a neighbor. We don't have that option now so all strange noises mean something is going on in our home.

We heard the scratching noise again.

And again.

And again.

Panic set in.

We discussed the possibility of a mouse being in our house. The possibility was terrifying. I hate rodents, especially wild ones which I do not want in my home. Donnie on the other hand does not just hate rodents, but would rather spend a week living with Martha Stewart than even think of the possibility of a rodent anywhere near him.

So, what did the two of us rodent fearing chickens do?

We made a mad dash up the stairs to the bedroom.

At least then we couldn't hear the scratching noise and could attempt to sleep in peace on a different floor than the potential rodent.

The next morning I examined the kitchen opening cabinet doors very slowly and carefully, hoping a rodent would not run out and cause me to jump and scream like a little girl.

I saw no sign of rodent activity, which caused only a small amount of relief.

There has been no further rodent sounds and never any evidence. This is a good sign, but don't doubt that I have this on my shopping list because if I can dissuade the rodents from visiting without actually having to see them I am all for it!


Janelle said...

You crack me up!

We get mice every fall when the weather turns cold. We use traps-my husband empties them though. They are cheap enough you can just throw them away so you only have to set new, clean ones.

Hopefully, it was something else, like a bush rubbing against the house or something!

Guinevere Meadow said...

I hope for your sake that it wasn't a rodent...but if it was, it will learn to Beware the Wrath of the Crackerless One!!!

Qtpies7 said...

I'd rather a mouse than a spider!