Friday, June 15, 2007

Come On Down!

As I am sure most of you know, today was Bob Barker's last show on The Price is Right. Unfortunately, this era has ended without me being able to visit California and my favorite daytime gameshow.

I can't tell you how much jealousy and envy I had when Jessica at Itty Bitty Bit of Me got to go to see Bobby B himself a few weeks ago. Go here to read about her fun adventure!

Luckily CBS read my email about how I did not want to miss the final episode and decided to air it in primetime as well (okay, I didn't really email them, but I would have if I had thought of it!). Needless to say I watched the final episode of Price is Right with the one and only Bob Barker tonight.

I loved that it felt like any other episode of TPIR I have watched...and oh I have watched many an episode.

Like many people in the U.S., TPIR is a household tradition. Mine started as an elementary school child...possibly before. I remember spending my summers at my grandparents' home and watching the Big Wheel spinning as we ate lunch each day.

As I grew up the Showcase Showdown was not as much of an intrigate part of my lunch plans, but my desire to "Come On Down!" never ceased.

Unfortunately, I never got to the west coast and I have never been honored to play Plinko, Hole in One or Two, or Mountain Climber. I'm not sure of the future of TPIR, but one thing I do just won't be the same without Bobby B!

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Qtpies7 said...

LOL, I was bummed that I missed the last show with Bob Barker. I don't watch tv very often anymore, so I just forgot, even though I was planning to watch it. Wait, we didn't have electricity on Wednesday, anyway! Plus I was at play group at the park.
Oh well, I've wanted to go play all my life, and its done now.