Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday -- Crib Aquarium, Target sale

I am going to admit, my child is spoiled when it comes to bed time. As an infant I loved to hold Jake and I would hold him for hours and let him sleep in my arms as I cuddled him. Prior to returning to work from maternity leave he was sleeping in his crib alone; however, it took nearly an hour of rocking and singing to get him to the crib without crying (from him, not me...most of the time). However, things changed and he began to sleep in bed with us. After nearly a year of this I decided I was tired of the foot in the face every morning and wanted my bed back without a child. We began the ferberizing technique and miraculously after only 2 days he was going to his bed alone and the crying stopped.

It was such a miracle that sometimes all I have to say is "It's time for night, night" and he will RUN (and I mean RUN!) to his bedroom and stand beside the crib. He does not always go immediately to sleep; however, lately his routine has been rather set. I will put him in the crib and he will grab his blanket, pull it up over himself and push the button on this crib aquarium (see, I really do have a WFMW tip!)

My mom purchased the aquarium for Jake when he was about a month old and I have to say that the crib aquarim is the BEST gift we received. We would always push the button to allow music to play when we were trying to get Jake to sleep in his crib and obviously he liked it. Now it is the most important part of bedtime. When we moved recently we had not properly attached the aquarium to the crib and it would not work...that is when I noticed just how big of a part of bedtime it is for Jake.

Not only is the aquarium great for going to sleep, now it is the way I can tell when Jake wakes up each morning. He will immediately sit up and turn on the aquarium...hopefully, it is not at 6 a.m. on a Saturday (and if it is the aquarium can typically give about 30 minutes of entertainment)!

Speaking of Saturday, I plan to go visit my local Target this Saturday. Why you ask? Well, once again Target is having a sale on Pampers diapers. 2 Jumbo packages for $16. Go here to read more about how you can get these diapers plus 2 packages of wipes for only $1.50. Yes, you read that right, $1.50!!! Hopefully you have been clipping your coupons, they will be necessary for this deal.

The crib aquarium and Target deals work for me...for more Works for Me Wednesday tips go visit Rocks in My Dryer.


Amy said...

That Target deal is awesome! I've fallen off the coupon wagon lately, but I need to go dig through my box and see what I can come up with for this deal. My son has very sensitive skin and can only wear Pampers, so this is great. Thanks!

Jason said...
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Jason said...

Well, I made a mess of my first comment trying to sign in - sorry! That aquarium was always mu kids' favorite toy. Those of you with a baby on the way - go get one!

Kristi said...

I have read your blog before and am fascinated by the Target/Pampers deals. I am planning to go Sat. as well. My question is this, where are you getting all of your coupons? I have some manufacturer's coupons for Pampers that I will use, but where do those other ones come from? I have been to the Target website, maybe I am looking in the wrong place. Thank you!