Monday, June 25, 2007

What is this "Go Baby" business?

Jake loves the Go Baby clips that air on Playhouse Disney in between episodes.

When Baby appears on the screen Jake acts like he has just seen his long lost best friend. He jumps up and down, laughs, claps his hands and grins from ear to ear while watching Baby at the farm or catching bubbles.

I will have to try to tape it one day and share it with you all. It is precious.

And annoying.

Annoying because I can not figure out Baby. I mean, he looks real, but also animated. So is Baby a real baby? Does he really laugh at everything? If so, he is the happiest baby I have ever seen!

I may never know the truth behind baby, but I love watching Jake enjoy Baby and his friends...thank goodness it's not an entire 30 minute show, I don't know if I could handle it.

1 comment:

Anne/kq said...

Definitely animated. I think they can the sounds and then re-mix them.