Friday, June 29, 2007

Rockin' and Rollin'

My little boy is growing up....and fast!

It was only a year ago that Jake could barely roll over and was still attending physical therapy for his neck torticollis. Now he is running a million miles an hour and never sits down...EVER...and that is no exaggeration!

This past Tuesday was Donnie's birthday and I told Jake we had to sing "Happy Birthday" to daddy. I began to sing the song and Jake immediately joined in. And he really sang, "Hap Birday to dad." That is exactly what it sounded like and he sang every least saying "Hap Birday." It was simply precious!

I thought it might have been just a fluke thing, but the next morning as he was eating breakfast the local news station played their birthday list for the day and Jake began to sing the song again, without prompting.

Singing is one of Jake's favorite activities. Later on Tuesday evening he was walking around the house moving his arms singing, "dee and why" for "Deep and Wide." He has serenaded me with "Twinkle, Twinkle" and he LOVES to sing, "Little Light of Mine," especially for hide it under a bushel....NO!

It is amazing how intuitive Jake is and how much he loves music. I know he gets that from his daddy because I'm no music connoisseur. However, Daddy can listen to three notes of a song and tell you who sang it, what year, album and some odd fact like, this was when so and so was the drummer and not so and so...all while I am trying to sing what I THINK the lyrics say and not what they actually say.

Maybe I am raising a future Rock Star! Or maybe a great musician. Whatever Jake may become one thing I know is that he'll always be my baby!


Qtpies7 said...

I had to laugh, I walked into the kitchen a few days ago, the boys were washing dishes, and they seem to do a "better" job when the music is blaring, so I walk in and hear some Christian band singing "How could you hate me" Ok, singing is an exaggeration, they scream it. So I start screaming it at the kids with the music, totally getting into it "How could you hate me, how could you hate me" and singing what I think they are saying, and every verse the boys would laugh and tell me what they were really saying!
Donnie could only hear me doing the screaming parts. And when I gave up and went in the living room he was grinning and said how cute it was that I was singing with the kids. He hadn't heard me screw up all the lines, lol. But he felt the world was much more normal when he realized that.

Guinevere Meadow said...

How precious!!!