Sunday, March 30, 2008

10 Random things on my brain

It's easier to list these than to think of tie ins to make paragraphs. So here are the observations from the weekend.

1. I didn't know I needed a pool until I saw one on Freecycle. Now I'm convinced an above ground pool is exactly what our mosquito infested backyard needs!

2. My dear child is simply adorable. Lately he has been making a lot of new observations. He has told me that I have brown hair, which is accurate, and that Donnie has brown hair, which is also accurate. However, when you ask him what color his hair is he says, brown. I can't convince him that his hair is red (or orange as my nephew calls it) and not brown.

3. The same adorable child decided not to nap today. Which was fine, he did amazingly well and only had one small sleep deprived breakdown regarding Playdoh. He was so cute tonight though as I read him "Cat in the Hat" for his bedtime story and he fell asleep halfway through.

4. Hoss has been talking a lot more lately and I have noticed quite a Southern drawl which must be in the blood because neither Donnie nor I speak with much of an "accent." Friday he told me that a seal was a SEUUUHL.

5. However, Hoss develops a British accent when saying "good night." It sounds more like naught. Oh he is the cutest thing in the world. My Irish-British-Southern boy.

6. Hoss is completely a different child when he is in his territory. We had some friends stop by today as they were passing through town and Hoss was quite the host as he greeted them at the front door, shouted "surprise!" when everyone came in (see #7) and even showed the kids his bedroom, all on his own without Mommy or Daddy's help.

7. Since my parents' surprise birthday party, anytime people come in our house or we go into my parents house Hoss yells, "Surprise!" Sometimes he will accompany "Happy Birthday" with the "Surprise!"

8. Hoss loves singing. He learns through music which I have made a mental note of for school days. This weekend he was stuck on the "Veggie Tales" theme song. "Brocowe," "Celey," "Veggie 'Ales."

9. Donnie has taught Hoss to sing "Icy Icy Baby, Too Cold." I'm so proud!

10. If you are missing me, check out my posts here.


Guinevere Meadow said...


I love it!! lolol!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Oh, with a name like Hoss, it's no wonder he speaks with a Southern accent! ;)