Friday, March 7, 2008

6-8 inches...folks, it's MARCH!

First, let me brag about my dear child. It's 2 weeks since the ear tubes were put in and I have heard more words come from that kiddo's mouth in these two weeks than most of his life. Yesterday we followed up with his doctor and all is well with the ears. The rooms of the office are decorated with kids in mind so the room we had was a space theme. We have been in this room before, prior to the tubes. This time was a little different. Hoss was talking. He immediately pointed to a picture on the wall and said "outer space." Then he pointed to another picture and said, "Planet!" (and it was a planet). He pointed to another planet and said "Mercury." I have no idea where he has learned about outer space because this is not something we have taught him. Atleast I can't remember talking about it.

Yesterday was not the only time Hoss' speech has shown definite improvement. He has asked me to "open" things, said "ouch" when something hurts, and called a circle "zero" and "o". He's a genius folks. I knew it the entire time, he just couldn't hear!

So there's my brag for the day.

On the other hand, the forecast for the weekend says we are supposed to get an estimated 6-8 inches...of SNOW! That's a lot of snow here in Kentucky. Plus, in case you haven't checked the calendar lately, it's March! If this was the forecast a month ago I wouldn't mind nearly as much. But I've written off Winter. I'm done with it. I'm ready for Spring.

UGH! I guess Mother Nature likes to play jokes on us.


Jessica said...

I am glad that the tubes are paying off for you guys! I bet it takes a big burden off your shoulders.

It is so funny to hear them say things and think, "Where did that come from?" The things that the girls do just blow me away!

Have a great weekend! *Dang snow!*

sarah said...

My husband always says that we get out worst snow storms in March, and that everyone always forgets it by the next year. Guess he is proving himself right with this one!

Janelle said...

I'm so glad he can hear better and can communicate more easily with you! What a relief!

I'll believe this storm's results when I see it-they have been SOOO wrong the last several times! Although they have decided to let us go at 1 today so we can get home before it gets really bad--who knows, maybe our CEO just wants a long weekend?

Ang said...

We have about 5 inches on the ground here already!! With up to a foot by tomorrow night!!! (dang snow... it took me almost 2 hours to get home today--not in rush hour!)

Glad to hear that Hoss is doing so well w/ the tubes!! It definitly gets (more)interesting here on out!!!

Also, I have been meaning to ask you since your parents went through the tornado... where did they move to? When I did the math, it sounds like they're close to my parents!

Qtpies7 said...

That is fantastic news! Donnie has been having trouble hearing and was supposed to get a tube in his ear at 38! But after slicing his ear drum, the doctor changed his mind. He could hear better for a couple of days, but he is losing his hearing again. Drives me nuts, I can't imagine how he feels.