Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary Johnny and June

Sometimes I get a little "over the top" about things. If something strikes my fancy then I often will talk about it or get a little giddy, if you will.

One of these things is my recent discovery of Johnny Cash. What really led to my interest is when I found out that Johnny and June were married in Franklin, Ky. The reason this excited me is that my parents lived in Franklin, Ky at the time. When "Walk the Line" came out in theaters this story was revisited by the local newspaper in Franklin, where my dad worked at the time.

I was extremely intrigued by this. The story goes that Johnny and June wanted a quiet ceremony away from Nashville and the press (which would be impossible today I'd imagine). So they chose Franklin, about 50 miles north of Nashville in the Methodist church in downtown Franklin. The night after the Grammy's they traveled north to Franklin and got married.

I immediately made Donnie go with me to drive by the church. I'm not sure what I thought would happen or if something magical would happen, but I was very excited about this. I think I was more excited that a famous person had walked the same steps that I had, in the same town. Plus, it's kinda romantic. I liked their love story and it was neat that they said their "I do's" in a familiar place.

A couple weeks ago my dad emailed me about a celebration being held in Franklin on March 29th, celebrating Johnny and June's 40th wedding celebration. I am really tempted to go and to let Hoss wear this shirt.

However, I don't own a single Johnny Cash cd or even listen to his songs. I like his music, but I'm not much of a music peron, much to Donnie's chagrin. But I'm still considering it!

But if they have this kid there I'm there!

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