Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It was a success!

We pulled it off. This past weekend my sister and I threw a surprise 50th birthday celebration for my parents, who both turn 50 this year.

Well, my dad knew about it, but he was under the impression that it was for my mom only. Although, he assumed we could not just do that, so we added him to the celebration as well.

My mom was surprised.

We held the party at my parents' house with the help of our aunts. We took Mom and Dad to lunch for their birthdays and when we returned to their home 50+ people were there to celebrate.

I nearly blew the surprise. Not because I said anything about the party or spilled the suitcase of decorations, but because I made the bed. Yes, that's right, I made a bed. Before lunch I decided to clean up the room where I slept the night before since guests would be in and out of the house and the room would probably be used for coats, etc. The problem, my mom say me do it.

I am not one who typically will make a bed, I mean, why should I? I'm just going to sleep in it again the next night. Thus, when I began to make the bed Saturday morning, my mom was in shock! I told her I was turning over a new leaf. She said it made her wonder, but she didn't think much else about it.

Needless to say, Mom was shocked about the party. Dad wasn't as shocked, but was pleasantly surprised to be included, maybe, he did threaten us not to celebrate his birthday, but as you can tell, we don't listen very well.

It was a fun event, memories made, and great visiting with friends and family we don't see often!


S.B. said...

Thanks for entering my contest and stopping by the blog. Hope you'll stop by again soon. Thanks.



Pam said...

You nearly blew your cover by MAKING YOUR BED?! LOL! Glad your parents had a good time. Happy 50 to both of them.

Ang said...

I'm glad that you had such a great weekend!!! I soo totally have your philosophy about making beds now! Have a great day at work today!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

I'm not so good about the bed either. 5 minutes before Hubby gets home each day, I rush into the bedroom to at least pull up the covers so he'll THINK I spent the day caring for the house and being all domestic. *grin*