Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For Historical Purposes

Well, I am finally getting my act together and hoping to get with the blogging world again. I've been slacking folks and I apologize.

I have also finally uploaded more Easter pictures and thought you all would enjoy the wonderful events of our Easter weekend. Ok, not really, but I am sure Hoss will enjoy reading this blog in 20 years and seeing what he did the Easter he was 2. And spoiled rotten...and loved by lots of people.

Oh, and he got a late Easter basket on Monday, making the count TEN Easter baskets. We have so much candy I don't even know what we are going to do with it all. Donnie and I are both taking a huge bag to work tomorrow and I imagine the kids at church may get some as a prizes on Sunday, for the next six months.

Saturday we colored Easter eggs at my parents house. Hoss was still in his pajamas so were felt safe enough to begin the process early in the morning. He enjoyed it more than last year and was much more hands on.

After the egg coloring (and a bath) we went to his 2nd Easter egg hunt of the season. Once again it was FREEZING, but Hoss rocked out and scored way too many eggs!

And he met the Easter Bunny, who he was fascinated with!

Sunday we dressed up and attended church, as normal. Except I had purchased Hoss some super cute plaid pants. Gigi and Grandpa had helped the Easter Bunny pick out a set of golf clubs, which were very appropriate with the outfit.

And there you have it. Easter 2008 -- the year of the golf pants and the overflow of candy.


Pam said...

TEN?!?! My goodness! Hoss IS very well loved.

The Ice House said...

Oh, your little red-head boy is adorable! I have a red-head daughter and the picture of your son reminds me of her when she was little. She will be turning 8 tomorrow. He's a cutie!