Monday, March 17, 2008

NCAA tourney bracket competition anyone?

So I tried this last year and no one wanted to participate. At least I assumed no one wanted to participate since no one said a word. I took the silence to mean that my blog readers at that time are not NCAA basketball fanatics.

Well, I thought I'd test the waters again. I will set up a NCAA online bracket for a fun competition if anyone in interested. We only have until Thursday at noon to do this so please comment quickly if you are interested. Or even if you are not interested.

If I think there will be a few people who want to participate then I will set it up. If not, then we'll be out of luck! :)

Happy St. Patty's day everyone! :)


Jessica said...

Count me in. Just let me know where to go fill in my brackets.

Jean said...

I found you at Shannons and well I would love to play along on the brackets if you get enough players. There was another commenter above you Fresh Girl that is also doing one for a $25 gift card. If you want to do hers. Other wise I'll play both! :)