Monday, March 3, 2008

My weekend in chronological order

Hoss was asking to go to "Gigi and Ganpa's ouse" continuously over the past week, so it was good we had a visit planned for this weekend!

Friday evening Hoss and I headed west to visit Gigi and Grandpa. Hoss was very happy to be there. He =explored all the neat things that he is not supposed to touch and learned that if he stands on the piano stool he can reach things on the back of the piano he's not supposed to touch.

We only had one time out session.

Saturday we went to a consignment sale and picked up a lot of summer clothes for Hoss. We also got some "diny-sores." I am truly raising a country boy. Saturday also included adventures to get Hoss' haircut, which was much needed. He did okay. Haircuts are definitely not his favorite thing.

After the haircut we made a trip to Wal-Mart and then had nap time, for Hoss. I organized and patted myself on the back over our consignment finds.

After nap and dinner we went to visit Mamaw and Papaw (my grandparents). Hoss still is not too sure about the clock, but did enjoy showing how stubborn he can be.

Today we went to church and Hoss actually stayed in class and only cried a little. Then we had lunch and Hoss and I traveled home so we could meet up with Donnie and a group from our local church at Gattitown for an afternoon of fun.

After Gattitown Donnie and Hoss went to see Donnie's parents, so he could help them hook up a new TV. Donnie that is, not Hoss, although give him 3 more months and he may have it down.

This gave me time to go home, unpack, get some laundry done, organize my coupons and shopping lists for the week and even make a quick CVS run.

It was a fun weekend, but not successful in the housekeeping realm, hence the reason I am still awake at 12:15a.m. waiting for laundry to be done!

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mandy said...

oh siesta! glad you are still standing.