Saturday, March 29, 2008

Super Savings Saturday -- MEIJER ROCKS!!

The past week I have got the HOOK UP on some awesome deals! So awesome I forgot to take any pictures. I am so disappointed about that, so hopefully you all are not visual learners like I am and will stick around to read about all the things I purchased this week.

My main shopping was done at Meijer. They had a 10 for $10 Mix and Match sale and get an 11th item free. I had so many coupons for a lot of the 10 for $10 items so I was able to get awesome deals! I split the purchases into 4 different ones so I could get the best deal for my money. Meijer will not double coupons with the same barcode more than once in the same order (sometimes they will twice, but occasionally, only one will double). With the help of my mom's coupon stash and a coupon train I received from a group I am in on this site and my own coupon collection I had 20+ coupons to use.

So, here are the 4 purchase I made.

2 Chex Mix
2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes
2 Cheerios Snack Mix (which I am addicted to!)
1 I Can't Believe it's not Butter tub
5 Totino's Pizza Rolls
Grand total: $2.55
Savings: $23.46

2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes
1 Cheerios Snack Mix
3 Grands Biscuits
5 Totino's Pizza Rolls
Grand Total: $3.20
Savings: $18.42

2 Meijer Brand Pretzels
1 Meijer Sour Cream
1 Meijer Applesauce
1 Totino's Pizza Roll
1 Glade spray
1 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
1 Combos
1 Hunts Snack Pack pudding
1 Cheerios Snack Mix
Grand Total: $7.26
Savings: $9.82

1 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
1 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
2 Grands Biscuits
1 Meijer Pasta Sauce
2 Cheerios Snack Mix
1 Loaf of Bread
2 Lunchables
1 Totino's Pizza Rolls
Grand Totals: $2.60
Savings: $19.65

So, I purchased 43 food items for $15.61, averaging out to 36 cents an item. My savings was $71.35. And now you all know how I maintain my girlish figure. After all, I purchased all totally healthy foods! :) To check out more fabulous deals check out Money Saving Mom!


Rebecca said...

question... did you go back to the store 4 times... or just ring all that stuff up on 4 different tickets???

i am trying to be more frugal and made my first CVS purchase the other day (yay me)

i just dont want to be 'that person' that employees roll their eyes at when i walk in the door :-)

Rebecca said...

how do you EASILY find coupons from the internet?

Jessica said...

Becca -- You really need to allow replies to your comments (or maybe I need to go to my other email and get your email). I think you can do that by going under settings on your blog.

Anyway, I actually went to the store twice and did 2 different transactions both times. I checked myself out at the self-checkouts. Good luck with rocks...and is addicting. One of the better online websites for coupons are You can also do a google search for items you regularly use or check out, they often hae a lot of good coupons for their products. However, the majority of my coupons come from the Sunday newspaper. I only buy that paper and I also do trades on which helps me stock up on coupons I will use regularly.

Oh, and don't be afraid to "that person." I take pride in it. And so does my bank account! :)

I also shop at 2 different CVS stores to help with that.

Guinevere Meadow said...

You are AWESOME!!!

I have fallen off the CVS wagon. Two weeks in a row I forgot to go buy a Sunday paper to get coupons and my local flier, and lo and behold, my ECBs expired.


Now I have to start all over.

Jenn said...

You did great!

Jon Pape said...

You can get an additional 10% off Meijer by signing up for an account at Also, you can go to and print off all the coupons that you want and create a shopping list planned out for the week.